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    I Warp Speeded my MacBook Pro!

    I Warp Speeded my MacBook Pro! After using “tower” (or “desktop”) computers for my main workstation for over 20 years (since the Mac IIci!), I made the switch a couple of years ago to using a 17″ MacBook Pro for my main editing + everything else machine. (This is the model I have) It’s great to have the portability, and though […]
  • Warp Speed Workflow #6: First Look: Motion Tracker in Motion 3

    Here's a first look at the new motion tracking behaviors in Motion 3.
  • Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #3: Changing the font of all titles at once

    I want to change all the titles in my Final Cut Pro project to a different font. What is the DVcreators.net secret method?
  • Warp Speed Workflow #8: There you Glow

    Here's a quick tip for instantly adding a soft glow to titles in Final Cut Pro or Express.
  • Warp Speed Workflow #7: Changing Captured Clip Settings

    If you've ever realized that you logged your footage with the wrong log clip settings, here's a great tip that'll solve it for you.
  • Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #4: Batch Rename Files

    Here is a Warp Speed Workflow showing how to change hundred of files names in one click.
  • Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #2: Restoring Audio or Video parts of edited clips

    Find how to quickly and easily restore audio and video clips in your Final Cut timeline.
  • Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #5: Changing Reel Names

    If you've ever chosen the wrong reel name, or entered the wrong reel name on accident here is a cool tip to show you how to fix that.
  • Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #1: Applying a transition to multiple clips

    Here's the secret to quickly applying transitions to multiple clips. $12
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    3 Awesome Post-Production Tools We Use

    3 Awesome Post-Production Tools we use #1: BitTorrent Sync We’ve been using Dropbox for years to share files with collaborators. It’s awesome. But we found something better, and don’t use Dropbox anymore unless we have to. Why? BitTorrent Sync has no file size limits. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. It’s great for team workflows, for example, where one person is […]
  • Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium

    Sweeping Productivity Enhancements and New Creative Innovations Boost End-to-End Workflows for Audio and Video Professionals SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 11, 2011 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium, the complete software solution for video and post-production that helps deliver content to virtually any screen. Breakthrough performance, workflow improvements, creative innovations, and powerful new […]
  • DV Kitchen Theater

    Here are the DV Kitchen screencasts all in one place: Warpspeed Workflow #1 SampleLab New Publish Room in DV Kitchen 2.0 TimeFreezer Overview Bitrate Budget Calculator Adding a Remote Folder to DV Kitchen Creating a Watermark Download a free, full-featured trial! 1) click below to download and install the program 2) click “Register Trial” 3) enter in your email address […]
  • Final Cut Pro Foundations

    Final Cut Pro Foundations is the quintessential Final Cut Pro editing course, guiding users through every step of the essential editing process from organizing projects through capture, basic editing and fine-tuning to exporting the final project for delivery in the highest possible quality. Complete with student project files, Final Cut Pro Foundations is the only chunkalized Final Cut Pro training in the world!



  • LiveType PowerStart

    LiveType PowerStart is for anyone wanting to unlock the real potential of LiveType, to truly comprehend how the software works, discover secret shortcuts and timesavers, and absorb a stream of awesome looking techniques, tips and tricks for creating mind-blowing eye candy

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    reg. $39.95


  • Chroma Key in HD

    Click on the picture above to watch the movie! We want to give you the opportunity to explore the art of keying. Taking the background out and dropping in something different is a special effects technique that has been around for years. However it was not until recently that we have been able to get broadcast quality results in both […]
  • PromptPuppy

    to download a free, full-featured trial: 1) click below to download and install the program 2) click “Register Trial” 3) enter in your email address 4) enter in the activation code: puppy_trial
  • PromptDog

    Download a free 10 day trial today! Trial activation code: fetch_trial Click here for FAQs. And click here to learn how to save settings with our new Profiles feature! Start Prompting Today!
  • Can DV Kitchen take a 3 hour job down to 12 seconds?

    dvcCast!’s integrated encoding and uploading saves three hours of waiting around. $845.23
  • DVCUniversity

    Welcome to DVcreatorsUniversity! Click here to launch DVcreatorsUniversity! Instant delivery. No waiting for deliveries. No shipping and handling charges. Never out of stock. No lost or damaged shipments. Order and start watching in just minutes! Instant Access. Watch anything you’ve purchased in just 3 clicks, whether you are connected to the internet or not. No more hassles with players, remote […]
  • Integration

    Everything you need, all in one kitchen. Don’t even think about it. Project concept and design, editing, motion graphics, music, dealing with the client, those are the things you should be thinking about. Once your creative work is done, you should be able to hand your project off to an assistant who takes care of the final publishing step for […]
  • Features

    Features Many apps all in one. DV Kitchen combines so many functions in one environment it makes your content publishing workflow is almost effortless. When you have DV Kitchen, any movie or picture on your hard drive, in any format, is just a few clicks and a few seconds away from being easily published just the way you want. Spectacular […]
  • DV Kitchen

     Encoding and publishing just got tasty. Download a free, full-featured trial! 1) click below to download and install the program 2) click “Register Trial” 3) enter in your email address 4) enter in the activation code: kitchen_trial Everything you need, all in one kitchen. DV Kitchen combines an array of powerful, professional media publishing features into one easy-to-use, elegant, streamlined […]
  • First Impressions of Color

    I spent a little time working with Color over the weekend and can’t say I’m as impressed as I thought I would be. I feel as if a fabulously wealthy friend just bought me a brand new top-of-the-line bulldozer for my birthday. Gee, it’s super nice… but where am I going to put it? It’s too slow, too powerful, not […]
  • Editing a title in Final Cut

    The answer to a frequently asked question about creating titles and not being able to see changes as they make them. $4
  • Twixtor 4.5 could be the best option for filmlike slow motion

    One big difference between video and film is that some film cameras can be cranked up to much higher than 24 frames per second, capturing full frames 75 or 100 times per second, making for perfect, silky-smooth slo-mo. The only way to approach this effect in video is to interpolate pixels between frames. (Most programs simply dissolve between slower frames […]