Instant Wow: FilmStyles for FCP X

Instant Results

Here’s the thing. I love color grading. Like music, color has the power to change the way we feel about what we’re watching. But the reality is, most of the time I just need a quick fix to make the footage look awesome. Maybe I shot “flat” so I could have more control in post, or maybe I didn’t have the optimal lighting scenario or a large sensor camera. Regardless, I need to quickly polish the footage without spending days on end doing it.

Enter: FilmStyles. These filters for FCP X were designed with one thing in mind: instant amazing results. We’ve got a bunch of demo videos showing how these filters transform footage in seconds. We use them on all of our projects. And now, we’d like to share them with you!

Easy to adjust

The second thing that makes FilmStyles so awesome is how fast and easy it is to adjust them. Most color correction filters and are needlessly complicated. But we spent a year tinkering with these until they were pared down to only the necessary parameters so you can adjust in seconds with a couple sliders. Forget zillions of controls and presets. You’ll be wondering what to do with your spare time.

Inspired by famous films

In addition to the product’s namesake, the FilmStyles filter, this bundle comes with filters inspired by famous films like 300, The Matrix, Casablanca, Amelie, Minority Report, and others. Just drag them onto your footage to give your project the looks that made these films unforgettable.

Watch videos, learn more, and get FilmStyles for yourself!


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