You are invited to join the Facebook group!

You are invited to join the Facebook group!

Are you addicted to Facebook? Does your spouse find out how you’re doing from your Facebook status? Do you welcome new friends by throwing a sheep at them? Do you have Facebook friends you can’t ever remember meeting? Have you ever “mass superpoked” your friends? Do you take pictures of your sushi with your iPhone and upload them to Facebook?

If you know what I’m talking about, perhaps you would like to join our Facebook group!

While we will always be working on the website much more than our Facebook group, the Facebook group will be more of a shared resource, so we’d like to invite you to join and post interesting links, news, your demo reel or recent project, pictures, resumés or whatever you’d like. (We will try to remember to check the forums and answer questions, though your best bet will always be the forums.)

Click here to join- the group is open to any Facebook member.


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