K-Tek KE79CC Traveler Boompole

K-Tek KE79CC Traveler Boompole

The K-Tek KE79CC Traveler Boom Pole


The K-Tek KE-79CC is a 6-section aluminum boompole with a factory-installed coiled cable. Designed to fit in any standard equipment case, the pole collapses to a length of just 20″, yet offers a full 79″ extension. Lightweight, durable and moderately priced, the pole features K-Tek’s proprietary jam-resistant collar coupling, securing the sections to the desired length with minimum torque and physical effort.


Designed to fit in any standard equipment case, for ENG, EFP and DV location production work
Lightweight durable tubing
Jam-resistant collar coupling
Unique pole top design with cable retention slots and replaceable stailess steel mounting stud


Material Aluminum
Sections 6-Section
Minimum Length 1.8″ (50.8 cm)
Maximum Length 6.7′ (2 m)
Weight 1.452 lbs
Warranty K-Tek warranty

Availability: Usually ships same/next day

Price: $209.95


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