K-Tek Zeppelin Windscreen

K-Tek Zeppelin Windscreen


Dead air is what we strive to achieve in windscreen design, and dead air is what you will find in the Zeppelin. The Zeppelin from K-Tek is a practical, user-friendly method for getting maximum shielding from wind exposure during location recording. The Zeppelin system consists of an injection molded polypropylene microphone cage, 2 rubber retaining rings with removable sonic foam end caps, XLR pig tail, and a snug-fitting faux fur High-Wind cover. We offer it in four standard sizes. The microphone is supported by K-Tek’s popular General Purpose Suspension (K-GPS) or Short Shock Mount (K-SSM), which can accommodate microphones from 19-25mm in diameter.

Our unique range of windscreens offer effective solutions for wind and noise reduction and microphone protection at affordable prices. The full-size ZeppelinĀ® windscreens are designed to offer a complete and modular solution, for easy assembly and adaptation to the most demanding applications. The Fuzzy one-piece windscreen/shock mount combinations are revolutionary.

Package includes K-Tek Slip-On Fuzzy windscreen!

Fits Shotguns mics up to 10″ including:Audio Technica AT-4073A, RODE NTG-1, RODE NTG-2, Sennheiser ME66/K6, Sennheiser MKH-416

K-Tek Zeppelin

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