Ken Stone writes glowing review of DV Kitchen

Ken Stone writes glowing review of DV Kitchen

Some quotes:

“DV Kitchen is a finely crafted application, very easy to use and stable.”

“DV Kitchen has ‘TimeFreezer’, a much better way to make still images from video.”

“…you can have DV Kitchen add the ‘Shadow Box’ effect to movies that you create. It does this with one click and writes the html code for you automatically, sweet.

On SampleLab™:

“This is simply the best way I have ever seen to visually check the quality of your encoded video.”

While writing the review, Ken was annoyed at a couple of things: not being able to name or edit QuickSpecs settings, and the fact the SampleLab window always opened at fullscreen size. He stopped working on the review and went to work adding the features to DV Kitchen.

Now, thanks to Ken Stone, a free update gives you the following features: a lightning bolt icon in SampleLab and the Main Console so you can now name, save and edit QuickSpecs settings, and a preference for SampleLab.

Thanks Ken!

You can read the whole review here.


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