HD/SD Marshall 7" LCD Monitor

HD/SD Marshall 7" LCD Monitor
V-R70P-HDA HD/SD 1.2 TFT-Megapixel Stand alone / Video Assist Monitor with Analog Input

The V-R70P-HDA The V-R70P-HDA features a completely Digital TFT-MegapixelT high resolution LCD screen with 1.2 million pixels, V-Mount battery adapter, 4 pin XLR power jack, and optical grade polycarbonate screen protection. Analog signals are digitized using an advanced 10 bit process with 4x over sampling and adaptive 5 line comb filter plus exacting color space conversion. Video is scaled to fit on screen in the highest resolution using a state of the art LSI that incorporates 4 x 4 pixel interpolation with precision Gamma correction to product the best images available.

Marshall V-R70P-HDA

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Tech specs:


  • Durable metal enclosure
  • "V" Mount battery adapter included
  • Runs 4 to 6 hours on optional 50WH battery
  • High Resolution 7-inch wide screen 800´480 Dots with 1.2 million pixels
  • Optical Grade polycarbonate screen cover with Antireflective/Antiglare coating
  • 100% digital processing
  • Analog signals converted to 10 bit digital
  • High resolution scaling of all images
  • Wide viewing radius – 130° horizontal and 120° vertical provides superior visibility when
         the viewer is not directly in front of the screen
  • 380 candelas per square meter (cd/m²) luminance produces enhanced image quality in
         varying light and viewing conditions
  • 400:1 ratio of contrast between black and white luminance values with response rates less
        than 30 ms results in excellent quality for moving images
  • 4:3 and 16:9 screen aspect ratios
  • Automatic NTSC/PAL format detection
  • Standard inputs:
  • Composite Video PAL/NTSC with loop output
  • Component YPrPb HD/SD with loop out
  • 4 Pin XLR D.C. power jack
  • Easy to see three color tally indicators
  • Built in Color Bars
  • Blue Screen for color adjustment
  • Adjustment Settings Memory
  • Includes ¼-20 mounting plate that can be attached to any edge of the enclosure
         (additional mounting plates available)
  • Includes universal voltage Class-2 power supply
  • Fits into Tektronix® WFM7F05/1700F05 rack adapter
  • Optional rack mount kit

    Display (Viewing Area)

    7" (6.14" × 3.27")
    Resolution (Pixels)
    800 H × RGB × 480 V
    Dot Pitch
    0.065mm × 0.175mm
    Brightness (in cd/m²)
    380 cd/m²
    NTSC/PAL auto recognition
    1 Composite, 1 Component HD/SD
    7.6"W × 5.16"H × 2.16"D
    Approx. Weight
    1.8 lbs
    Power Consumption
    10-17 VDC, 600 mA
    Optional Battery Pack (uses Sony FP Batteries)
    • Designed for users of DV and HDV cameras
    • Includes V-Mount adapter for use with
      Marshall Stand Alone Models
    • Charge from Monitor Power source, car battery,
       or optional charger.
    • Monitor may be operated while batteries are charging
    • 3 Stage Power Indicator
    • Charge Status Indicator
    • 4 Pin XLR Male Power Source/Charger
    • 4 Pin Female Power Take Off. Can be used for devices
      without V-Mount Adapter. Can also be used for Lights
       or Wireless Transmitters  and Receivers.
    • Durable enclosure
    mounted on Marshall Monitor

    Marshall V-DV-PWR1
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    Our Price: $299.00

    Tech specs:

    Use the DV-Power pack (V-DV-PWR1) with Marshall Electronics line of Stand Alone monitors. This product is the perfect solution for users of DV and HDV Camcorders and allows you to standardize on one type of battery for a wide range of applications.

    Optional Accessories
    V-PS12-5V-XLR-12 VDC Power Source /Charger
    V-XLR-CNX– Two foot long Power Tap Cable for Marshall Electronics products using 2 Pin Female
      Bayonet Connector
    V-XLR-B – Two foot long Power Tap Cable for monitors requiring Barrel Connector
    Batteries – To Be Announced

    Output Voltage
    10 to 16.8VDC (Battery Dependent)
    MAX Continuous Current Draw
    Up to 3 Ampere
    PEAK Current Draw
    4 Ampere
    Charger Voltages
    12 VDC
    Charge Current
    Approx. 500 Milliamp to 2 Amp (Battery Dependent)
    Charge Indications
    Three Color LED RED to GREEN illumination
    Drain Indications
    >12 VDC, 11 to 12 VDC, 11 to 10 VDC from 3 Color LED
    Low Power Indicator
    Flashing LED
    Battery Type
    Sony NP-Fxx Type Lithium Ion
    • Stand Alone Monitors
    • Light Power
    • EFP/ENG Cameras
    • Wireless Receiver / Transmitter

    V-Mount to Anton Bauer adaptor
    Price: $229.00

    Availability: Usually ships same / next business day

    Our Price: $229.00