Through classes and workshops, seminars, industry trade shows and tours, and through DVcreators.net self-paced courses and website, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people learn and improve their skills in digital video creation, from most Hollywood movie studios, Fortune 1000 companies, major universities, cable channels to independent producers all over the world.

DVcreators.net currently offers several ways to learn:

DVC University

DVcreators University is a 21st century environment for learning digital media using the MOD Machine Media On Demand content delivery system from Leaping Brain Labs.


DVcreators.net is a world leader in digital media training, and has led workshops in over 60 cities around the globe to tens of thousands of enlightened attendees.

We taught the first Final Cut Pro workshop in the world in April 1999.

Since then, DVcreators.net has helped more happy people master digital video production through our best-of-class workshops than anyone in the world. And if we weren’t so darn picky about the quality of our instructors, we’d have done much more.

DVcreators.net is chosen by companies like Apple, Canon, HP, Intel, Lowel, Pinnacle, Gateway, SmartSound and countless others for digital video training in the most important situations. And we’ve trained companies like MTV, CNN, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Pixar, CBS, NBC, and thousands of others because of our stellar reputation as the world’s best digital video trainers.

Industry shows like NAB, MacWorld, DV Expo, the DV Show, Showbiz Expo, RESFEST and many others have featured DVcreators.net sessions, which are often the best attended and highest rated sessions ever.

Our teaching philosophy is revolutionary- the exact opposite of our competition. Where they show tools, we show techniques- and teach the tools in a real world production context. Where they cover software features, we focus on making great movies. Where they cover theory, we cover reality.

Don’t see the dates or class you want? If you have 2 or 3 people, click here and let us know the class and dates you would like and we will try to accommodate your group. Just send us an email with your request!

Click on the city name for location information, and click the event name for course details and times.


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