Events is a world leader in digital media training, and has led workshops in over 50 cities around the globe to over 15,000 enlightened attendees. instructors have been teaching digital media since the dawn of digital media (back in the 80’s when MIDI was invented!). We taught the first Final Cut Pro workshop in the world in April 1999.

Since then, has helped more happy people master digital video¬†production through our best-of-class workshops than anyone in the world. And if we weren’t so darn picky about the quality of our instructors, we’d have done much more. is chosen by companies like Apple, Canon, HP, Intel, Lowel, Pinnacle, Gateway, SmartSound and countless others for digital video training in the most important situations. And we’ve trained companies like MTV, CNN, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Pixar, CBS, NBC, and thousands of others because of our stellar reputation as the world’s best DV trainers.

Industry shows like NAB, MacWorld, DV Expo, the DV Show, Showbiz Expo, RESFEST and many others have featured sessions, which are often the best attended and highest rated sessions ever.

Our teaching philosophy is revolutionary- the exact opposite of our competition. Where they show tools, we show techniques- and teach the tools in a real world production context. Where they cover software features, we focus on making great movies. Where they cover theory, we cover reality.

Don’t see the dates or class you want? If you have 2 or 3 people, click here and let us know the class and dates you would like and we will try to accommodate your group. Just send us an email with your request!

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  1. Sarah F. 16 years ago

    Anytime I read testimonials about this kind of workshop, I’m skeptical. The glowing comments about this course were right on.

  2. Marvin H. 16 years ago

    DV Creators – a great resource – people very committed to quality.

  3. Yari 16 years ago

    The instructor was a wealth of knowledge. His workshop will save me days of headaches and improve the look of my videos tons. Thanks

  4. Bill M. 16 years ago

    It was a great class. Well worth the money. A lot or material was covered very efficiently.

  5. Michael K. 16 years ago

    The instructor was excellent in all ways. Out of 5 stars, this course is a 10!!!

  6. Steven K. 16 years ago

    The instructor was a very knowledgeable speaker and one of the best teachers I have had in a computer class.

  7. Jorge M. 16 years ago

    I leave filled with excitement to learn and do more!

  8. Patty N. 16 years ago

    The workshop gave me the info I so desperately needed!

  9. Jay M. 16 years ago

    The instruction was very informational in real world application. The instructor took the complexity out of a deep and confusing program.

  10. Carl D. 16 years ago

    The instructor was very informative and I’m amazed how much I’ve learned in the past 2 days!

  11. Melissa C. 16 years ago

    I liked that we covered a little bit of everything in Final Cut Pro – it really went over the Nuts & Bolts of what I needed!

  12. Tad H. 16 years ago

    As a teacher, I have been in many hands-on workshops that were a waste of my time, or did not meet my expectations. The instructor did a great job of teaching & delivering his wealth of knowledge.

  13. Ric B. 16 years ago

    I liked the instructor’s ability to communicate technical info in a conversational manner. He’s got a good grasp of the Apple workflow.

  14. Patty R. 16 years ago

    The instructor was able to accommodate a diverse group of abilities while keeping the pace of the class. Thank you!

  15. Jason R. 16 years ago

    The instructor was very awesome. It was a 2-day overview so it moved fast but the instructor took time to answer ALL questions and tell where more info could be found in the book.

  16. Ruben M. 16 years ago

    The pace of instruction was great. I had some specific areas that I wanted to learn & was able to learn that and even more than I expected.

  17. Kathlyn A. 16 years ago

    I really enjoyed this class. Once again, I have learned how much I still have to learn and am inspired to go home and apply everything to my projects. Thanks!

  18. Colin K. 16 years ago

    Helpful in all aspects of editing. I especially appreciated the attention to detail and giving as many possible ways to perform any given task.

  19. Clint G. 16 years ago

    Overall, it was wonderful! [The instructor] did a great job explaining things to newbies and folks that seemed to have a lot of experience. I’d highly recommend it.

  20. mcvideo 16 years ago

    any luck in coming to dallas?

  21. Josh 15 years ago

    We’ve had many workshops in Dallas in the past, but we do not have a place to teach there anymore! Sorry!

  22. mcvideo 15 years ago

    perhaps videotex systems, inc would not mind having you over. Contact Barak @
    they can handle this for you if you decided ever come to dallas.

  23. Monica 15 years ago

    Any plans to visit Chicago, Madison or Milwaukee in the near future (1 yr). Also, are you hosting or presenting any training at DV Expo this December? Thanks!

  24. Grant S. 15 years ago

    Wow! I expected a lot and got more!

  25. Danny van Golde 15 years ago

    sometimes you make a wish, sometimes you make a production,
    and sometimes you do a training!

    and this training with Larry did make me happy ūüėČ
    I realy loved the way he’s teaching and his way of live and humor!
    And guess what, we did learn something.

  26. Josh 14 years ago

    Monica, sorry to say we don’t have those locations in our plan, but, the good news is, we are putting our knowledge into high quality self-paced training here:

  27. Justin M. 14 years ago

    The FCP 100 class was very helpful. The instructor was top notch and I quickly gained many excellent production skills. My graphic design background gave me some advantage. Quick note – the folks at DVCreators are genuine and positive. This may sound sugar coated, but I speak the truth!

  28. P.J. 14 years ago

    Instructor knows everything! Very helpful. This workshop is great!

  29. Jeffrey Castillo 14 years ago

    Is there any plans of you coming to Texas? Anywhere near San Antonio or even Houston or Dallas would be reasonable.

  30. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Great workshop! Great instructor!

  31. Anonymous 14 years ago

    The overview was more than enough for me to work more on my own. I feel much more confident in this program.

  32. David M. 14 years ago

    Best Final Cut class I have ever taken

  33. Matt S. 14 years ago

    Wonderful class! Fully enjoyed! Privileged to be here.

  34. Dana K. 14 years ago

    I felt that upon leaving the class I was comfortable enough with the interface to begin basic editing.

  35. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Great experience – learned more than expecting – all the keyboard shortcuts! Valuable.

  36. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Great overview class! Instructor answered all questions very thoroughly.

  37. Eric Cliffton 13 years ago

    I live in Mt. Vernon, Wa. and was wondering if you do any workshops in Marysville? Are you still in Marysville? Thanks in advance.

  38. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Great hands-on training. Larry is always good. Thanks!

  39. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Comprehensive and tailored to each student’s needs. Getting a copy of DV Kitchen, great program!!

  40. Anonymous 13 years ago

    A wide scope of compression techniques – learned great alternative methods to video compression.

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