HD Revolution Workshop

The HD Revolution training workshop covers the entire desktop moviemaking process from planning to delivery in a clear, practical, to-the-point and entertaining three day format.

Day One begins with DVcreators.net’s “Secrets of Shooting Great Footage” workshop, which will make a huge impact in the quality of your final projects.

The quality of your final project is 100% dependent on the quality of your original footage, and we reveal a treasure trove of clever and innovative secrets, techniques, tips and tricks for getting world class results from digital camcorders, lighting, mics and accessories.

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Day Two
starts with the raw footage shot on Day One and shows, clearly and step by step, how that footage is transformed into a masterpiece of sight and sound in the postproduction phase of video creation.

Day Three completes the process – you’ll take the finished edit completed on Day Two and explore the many creative, innovative and surprisingly brilliant ways to deliver your video message to your viewers in a compelling, exciting interactive experience. We’ll also be focusing on creating video podcasts.

(please scroll down this page for a detailed class outline)

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workshop details

  • Each attendee will shooting HD, lighting with professional gear, and handling location sound in a group hands-on environment
  • The workshop fee is $895 for the 3-day workshop, or $349 for each day individually.(we’re also offering a 50% off discount to previous attendees of our DV Revolution Workshops)

    Class size is limited and seats fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up while there is still room available

  • Each workshop attendee attending all three days will receive two valuable extra bonus items: the complete hands-on Final Cut Pro Foundations course and the acclaimed DV Kitchen video encoding and publishing software.
  • If you have any questions, please call 1-800-965-3976
  • Each attendee will receive hand-outs full of tips, tricks and info on all aspects of digital media production
  • SPECIAL: More than one person signing up at the same time will receive 10% off total registration fees OR

    Sign yourself up for an additional workshop at the same time that you register for this event, get 10% off the second workshop fee

    To register, or if you have any questions, click here or call 1-800-965-3976

class outline

DAY ONE – Secrets of Shooting Great Video


• visualization
• style
• scripting, shooting scripts, and storyboarding
• choosing the right gear

HD camcorder operation:

• lens, aperture & iris
• follow and rack focus
• depth-of-field
• shutter speed, gain & zebra
• white balance
• shooting modes
• timecode
• audio options

advanced camera operation:

• camera stabilizers
• filters
• additional accessories

camcorder aesthetics:

• getting great footage
• composition and camera angles
• how to use shallow depth-of-field to focus the viewers’ attention
• shooting styles and techniques for adding depth to your shots
• when to use auto or manual settings
• thinking coverage to improve storytelling
• dos and don’ts when shooting for the web

essential lighting:

• qualities of light
• three (and four) point lighting theory
• using shadows
• color temperature
• lighting instruments
• use of gels, flags, bounces, barn doors, cookies
• lighting to support your message

essential location audio:

• microphone types
• pickup patterns
• built-in mic use
• shotguns
• lavaliers
• handheld mics
• impedance
• mic placement
• getting great audio in tough locations

DAY TWO – Essentials of Movie Editing with Final Cut Pro

modern non-linear editing:

• concepts of editing
• import/capture
• project management

basic to intermediate editing:

• overwrite, insert, replace & fit to fill edits
• ripple, roll, slip & slide
• L & J cuts
• cutaways
• matched action edits
• editing styles and techniques
• the one secret to the perfect edit

creating killer titles & intro to compositing and motion graphics:

• applying and editing filters
• color correction & secondary color correction
• special effects
• applying and editing transitions

audio in post:

• importing and editing narration
• audio sweetening
• editing voice-over
• adding sound fx
• audio filters


• importing, creating and integrating music soundtracks to support your message
• importing audio from CD


• print to tape
• producing masters for broadcast television

DAY THREE – Digital Video Age Delivery

DVD authoring:

• DVD format overview
• encoding video to MPEG2 and audio to Dolby Digital
• creating still menus and graphics
• creating motion menus
• authoring a DVD video disc with menus, slideshows, timeout actions and web links

encoding for the internet:

• shooting and post strategies for better web video and video podcasts
• codecs and wrappers
• choosing the right codec
• choosing the right frame size
• the two golden rules of determining the optimum bitrate
• finding the TOQ
• the secret to encoding high quality video
• hosting options
• embedding video in webpages
• workflow solutions
• launching Quicktime Player from a browser
• video podcasting
• delivering on iPod/iPhone/AppleTV
• client solutions – internet “TVs”
• workflow solutions


*This curriculum outline is a guide; the actual course curriculum is determined by the instructor and is customized somewhat to fit each class

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  1. Michael 16 years ago

    The DV Revolution Workshop was invaluable. It’s going to save us a lot of time and money so it was more than worth the fee. You delivered far more than expected. I’d recommend these Workshops to anyone – from beginner to professional, simply because you have so much knowledge and experience and you know how to impart what you know in a truly user-friendly manner. Exceptional.

  2. Doug K. 16 years ago

    Excellent course. I’m re-energized to develop more video production. Great job!

  3. Clinton 16 years ago

    The instructor catered to the class’ interests & concerns. Very personal and "real world."

    Loved the format and instruction. Highly recommended and will pass on the word. Great job!

  4. Ky A. 16 years ago

    Friendly, professional, well-organized but flexible. No unnecessary fluff – very knowledgeable instructor, yet approachable.

  5. Anonymous 16 years ago

    Instructor made things easy to understand and was patient with our questions. Loved it!

  6. Lisa H. 15 years ago

    This program was exactly what I was looking for! Mucho kudos to Larry & DVcreators!

  7. Jagdip 14 years ago

    I’m actually just finishing up day 2 in this course and already i believe the $795 is way too low for how much I’m learning. Larry Jordan is truly an inspiration and no matter how advanced you are in Final Cut, he will surely teach you a thing or two. If you really need to learn, Dvcreators.net is the way too go.

    Thanks a lot guys, I will strongly recommend you guys to anyone and everyone and will surely be joining in on your other workshops.


  8. JS 14 years ago

    Hey, how about a NYC class?

    We’d love to attend!

  9. Jagdip 14 years ago

    unfortunately i wont be able to attend this DV Revolution Workshop, but i would love to attend it in the near future, could you please tell me if you are going to have another one.

    Thank you

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