Litepanels Micro and MicroPro

Litepanels Micro and MicroPro

Introducing the LED light everyone should have in their arsenal, the Litepanels Micro. Sometimes all you need is a tad bit of light to punch up a scene and this is it. Camera mountable and weighing in at a mere 7 oz. this little guy is ultra light. It should be – it’s body is comprised of solid plastic. Without batteries it weighs in at a mere 4 oz. – and that’s with 48 individual LED’s. Dimensions are 4″ x 3″ x 1.5″ – about the size of two decks of playing cards.

Still too bright?

Sometimes too much light just makes talent say, “That freakin’ thing is bright!” Something you’re sure to hear when pointed closely at full boar. Twist the dial on top of Litepanels Micro to get just the right exposure – all without changing color temperature. That’s right, Litepanels is known for their unique ability to dim without color shift, maintaining color accuracy across the board 1-100%

Want to switch from 5600k daylight to 3200k tungsten? Just snap the included gel frame into place and slide in a Full CTO. You’ll lose two stops using the gel, but you’ll get the color you need.

Angle too high? Built into the shoe mount is a tilt mechanism allowing you to point higher or lower – however, not side to side. Something I wouldn’t mind as some folks do not shoot with the subject dead center – panning the light could prove useful. You see, at 5 feet the pattern is spread, more of a flood so it doesn’t matter, at 3 feet and closer, it appears as more of a spot. Litepanels does offer a ball head as a separate component.

For running and gunning, mounted on top of the camera can give you usable footage where you might have had just dark grainy shadows – think news crews. Most however, will still prefer to get the light off the camera. Handhold the unit or mount it via the 1/4″-20 threads to a tripod or stand.

Though, sometimes you just can’t win and that is where this light shines, it’s primary function is to be an on-camera light. When it’s just you, Litepanels Micro front and center – you’ll be glad to have it – and bummed if you don’t when you need it. What’s the alternative? Nothing on the market has all of these features and is as small and lightweight. Really. Everyone should add this to their arsenal. Seriously, get one!

Availability: Now shipping!

Sale Price: $299.95 SAVE!!!

Now with available adapter plates for your DV Camera batteries!

No more need to always have AA batteries on hand for your on-camera lighting. Litepanels has created adapter plates for the popular LPMicro! You slide the adapter plate right in where the batteries normally go, and you can power the Litepanels Micro with the DV batteries you already have!

Available in Sony, Panasonic and Canon Adapters.

DV Plate Availability: Now shipping!

Sale Price: $49.00

Adapter Type

Litepanels MicroPro

Introducing The New Litepanels MicroPro on-camera light. In addition to increased output, the MicroPro provides a broader source, which gives a more wrapping, HD friendlier quality of light.

The compact black Litepanels MicroPro is ideally suited for mounting on an ENG, DV or DSLR camera. It offers luminous, soft, directional lighting with the same outstanding characteristics that make Litepanels an integral part of television, broadcast news and motion picture productions worldwide.

The MicroPro produces 1.5 hours of continuous output from 6 standard or rechargeable AA batteries (depending on make) or over 5 hours using Lithium Ion AA cells. Power can be supplied optionally through a convenient 5-12V input jack located on the back of the unit.

A daylight (5600°K) source, the MicroPro features an integrated filter holder to provide the ability to attach diffusers and color modifiers. Filters not being used at the time can be conveniently stored on the back of the fixture. The unit comes complete with 3 filters including: Daylight to Tungsten Conversion, ¼ CT0 Warm and White Diffusion.

The Versatile MicroPro includes a ball-head camera adapter, and also offers a threaded receiver providing the ability to mount a MicroPro fixture directly on a light stand or camera arm.


Heat-free LED technology
Produces bright, soft light
Integrated dial for instant 100% to 0 dimming
Minimal color shift when dimming
All-in-one Camera Light w/no external cables
Absolutely flicker-free 5600°K
Runs 1.5 hours on six AA batteries
Runs 5 hours using Lithium Ion AA batteries
Uses standard or rechargeable batteries
Extremely lightweight and compact

Size 5.5” W x 3.75” H x 1. 5” D (139.7mm x 95.25mm x 38.1mm)
Weight 10.5 oz (300g)
Construction Plastic housing (sturdier than Micro) with metal camera-ball
Power Supply (6) 1.5V AA batteries
Power Draw 9W
Voltage 5V-16V (no more, no less)
Filters Included Daylight to Tungsten Conversion
¼ Correction
White Diffusion
Lamp Type LED Array 96 LED’s in 8×12
Mount Type Shoe Mount with Adjustable Head – metal
Power Source AA Batteries Internal
Litepanels Proprietary External
Power Connector AA Batteries Internal
Litepanels Proprietary External

Litepanels Micro Photometrics

Distance Footcandles Lux
2 ft/.06m 100 FC 1100 Lux
4 ft/1.2m 52 FC 560 Lux
6 ft/1.8m 28 FC 300 Lux

MicroPro Fixture
Filter Holder
Filter – Daylight to Tungsten Conversion
Filter – ¼ Correction
Filter – White Diffusion
MicroPro Ball-head Shoe Mount (also offers a threaded receiver providing the ability to mount a MicroPro fixture directly on a light stand or camera arm)
1 Year Warranty

Litepanels MicroPro Availability: Now shipping!

Sale Price: $474.95

Sony L Series DV Battery Adapter Plate for Micro Pro
Sale Price: $54.95


  1. Mike 15 years ago


    I watched your quick video review of this light. Thank you for providing the example. I am curious how the light output compares to a 10 – 20 W tungsten light at the same range before I pre-order one. I will most likely be using the CTO gel for weddings which I know will take some light away. Thanks!

  2. guy 15 years ago

    Hi Mike,

    DV Magazine just did a review with the Photometrics see
    There is a huge drop off when using the CTO according to the article.


  3. Damon Webster 15 years ago

    Just used this up on a trade show in Vegas.Outstanding!

  4. Mike James 14 years ago

    Your great video of this product was my first exposure to it (no pun intended). I just received my LP Micro this week and already it’s proven to be invaluable. It’s small, it’s lightweight and puts out just the right amount of light for what I do 90% of the time.

    My only gripe is the build quality. It’s made of plastic so you’ve got to be careful with it. But, that’s the trade-off for the very reasonable price. I’ve fashioned a case for it from one of those plastic yellow Nestle Quick containers. An old sock at the bottom, one wrapped around the LP Micro and another on top and you have a pretty decent case for the unit.

    I can see myself picking up another one of these and mounting both of them to the Rycote hot shoe extension bar I have. In fact, I’ll probably pick up a few more of these as they’re so small and portable you can stick them just about everywhere.

    This is a great product. The quality of the light is great. Being able to dim it and gel it is awesome.

    You won’t regret purchasing this product. It’s great.

    As a side note, Litepanels markets this in photo magazines for use in still photography as well. I was skeptical at first, but I must say I’ve found this to be a very capable use of this product as well.


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