Live TV and PVR Next on the Menu for Apple TV?: Apple «

Live TV and PVR Next on the Menu for Apple TV?: Apple «

The Apple TV is admittedly a better bargain at $99, but it still isn’t really whetting my appetite. There are a couple of rumored new additions that could help that change, however. According to some, Live TV and PVR capabilities are next in line for Apple’s favorite living room hobby.

A new licensing partnership between Apple and Rovi Corp, a company that makes interactive television guides, is the reason for speculation about live TV coming to the set-top device. Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple prognosticator, Gene Munster, predicts the arrival of more TV-like features to the Apple TV thanks to the new partnership.

Munster thinks this is another step towards an all-in-one Apple TV, according to Business Insider:

We believe this announcement is further evidence that Apple is developing live TV and DVR features for its Apple TV product, and will likely launch an all-in-one Apple Television in the next 2-4 years.

While I agree with Munster that there’s a good chance Apple will try to introduce live TV and PVR functions, owing primarily to the looming competition they face in the living room from Google’s TV efforts, I’m not entirely convinced that an all-in-one device is on the way.

It’s true that eventually people will be looking exclusively for connected TVs as their devices of choice. Having basic web capabilities and on-device storage are already popular options among manufacturers. But is it what consumers want?

I’d argue that a cheap, portable device compatible with any potential viewing screen is a much better option from a consumer standpoint. With the current Apple TV, I can conceivably take it with me wherever I go, plug it in and get watching. An all-in-one device loses that, and costs a significant amount more.

What do you see in Apple TV’s future? Would you buy an all-in-one if Apple did make it?

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