LiveType PowerStart

LiveType PowerStart

Originally $49.95 NOW $4.95!


Includes $180 of objects and textures from LiveType Central. (See examples below.)

LiveType PowerStart excerpt 1 LiveType PowerStart excerpt 4
LiveType PowerStart excerpt 2 LiveType PowerStart excerpt 5
LiveType PowerStart excerpt 3 LiveType PowerStart excerpt 6

LiveType is a sophisticated and powerful motion graphics and titling application. Unfortunately, most users are only scratching the surface of this software—and not realizing the real potential of LiveType. The included documentation and other educational products show the obvious features but don’t begin to explore the true power waiting deep within LiveType.

LiveType PowerStart is for anyone wanting to unlock the hidden potential of LiveType, to truly comprehend how the software works, discover secret shortcuts and timesavers, and absorb a stream of awesome looking techniques, tips and tricks for creating mind-blowing eye candy.

But LiveType PowerStart goes beyond helping you master the software—it is also a learning experience about creating motion graphics: designing titles to support your message, making choices and customizing elements to fit your project, learning how to make titles and graphics interact with each other, as well as integrating your LiveType projects into your Final Cut Pro (and Final Cut Express!) workflow for titles as well as a textures and object library.

Download today and make the software you already own much more valuable!

NOTE: The version of LiveType included with Final Cut Express has fewer textures and objects than the version included with Final Cut Pro. Although all the techniques shown in the LiveType PowerStart course apply equally to both versions, there are some elements shown in the tutorials, like a matte shape and a LiveFont, that are not included with the Final Cut Express version of LiveType. We don’t consider this a major issue, since you can just substitute a different matte and LiveFont and get the same effect.

For new users to professional editors

Requirements: Mac OS X, QT 7+, 1024 X 768 or bigger monitor

Availability: Download Now!!

(Reliable internet connection required.)


Some of the content you’ll find on LiveType PowerStart:

  • interface
  • project & title properties
  • slanted and bezier curved baselines
  • centering text in frame shortcut
  • circular text
  • stylizing livetype titles
  • comically warped text trick
  • spooky text
  • cool text-in-text trick
  • title legibility
  • avoiding jitter on TV sets
  • applying attributes and styles to individual letters
  • “hand-drawn” text trick
  • naming effect tracks
  • accessing a wide variety of graphic symbols for graphic design
  • determining active parameters
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • changing speed of animating properties
  • ease in/ease out
  • multiple keyframes
  • multiple livetype effects
  • The most important LiveType Power Tip ever
  • understanding track lengths
  • enabling/disabling individual effects
  • adjusting multiple keyframes
  • cool tutorial on the most popular text effect ever for movie trailers or TV commercials
  • livetype letter sequencing
  • adjusting keyframes on sequenced effect tracks
  • applying effects to textures
  • a cool tutorial on matting video content
  • multiple texture tricks
  • filling titles with textures
  • looping textures
  • livefonts
  • customizing livefonts
  • applying effects to livefonts
  • creating and saving your own templates
  • changing properties in the main title track vs. effect tracks
  • matte timing/looping
  • you can’t fill a title with an object, right? Wrong!
  • filling an object with a texture
  • creating a custom effects category
  • saving custom effects
  • PowerStart intro animation tutorial
  • a really cool workflow shortcut
  • the best way to modify titles once they’re placed in FCP (and FCE)
  • livetype workflow: superimposed titles
  • importing background footage
  • using LiveType markers
  • measuring duration in Final Cut Pro (and Final Cut Express)
  • and much more!

After years of releasing training products and having people ask “Why don’t you teach us how you made that awesome opening animation?” we made sure LiveType PowerStart includes a monster tutorial on exactly how we made the open animation, step-by-step!

Finished Tutorial Examples.

Livetype PowerStart Mattes Livetype PowerStart Templates
Livetype PowerStart Animation Livetype PowerStart Textures

Perfect Quality.

We use proprietary production methods to deliver crisp, sharp, high quality visuals to your computer screen, unlike fuzzy, headache-causing VHS tapes and DVD video discs. The movies on LiveType PowerStart are a huge 1024 X 740 (compared to 800 X 600 for most training products) so you get the whole picture.

“In-context” learning.

Unlike other products that cover tools and concepts in a jumbled, unrelated order, each and every concept and action presented on this course is in the context of completing a real world task. So, when working on your own projects, you’ll immediately be able to put what you’ve learned to work.


Learn at your own pace. Quickly move through sections you understand, make your virtual instructor go over difficult concepts as many times as you need without worrying about other students or the time limits of a class. You have total control.

Community Support.

No one should have to learn alone. Our “Ask a Question” button will allow you to post your question on our LiveType forum for thousands of others, including our own industry-leading instructors. You can ask questions, offer advice, and share tips in a collaborative, organized online environment on the very topic that you are currently learning.

Created by the top experts.

The LiveType PowerStart course was created by, the world leader in desktop movie training. We have more experience in Apple digital media software training than anyone else on Earth!

LiveType Central Free Objects and Textures.

Livetype Central Object 1 Livetype Central Object 2 Livetype Central Object 3
Livetype Central Texture 1 Livetype Central Texture 2 Livetype Central Texture 3

Frequently Asked Questions.

I already own the LiveType PowerStart disc. How can I get the course through the DVcreators University without having to purchase another copy?

Please email us at with your contact information and order information, if available.

How do I download the free objects and textures from LiveType Central?

Click here for instructions on how to download and install the super cool objects and textures from LiveType Central.

(Reliable internet connection required.)


  1. customer feedback 17 years ago

    Your products are everything they were advertised to be and more. Absolutely the best money I’ve spent on computer related products in years. You have definitely made a customer for life.

  2. The tutorials from have always set the standard for quality, with high production values, thorough and well thought out lessons, excellent tips, shortcuts and some advanced techniques that help the student grow past the basics. The LiveType PowerStart DVD Tutorial is no exception… …The LiveType tutorial from is excellent and is what I have come to expect from this company.

  3. Perry 2024 years ago

    First of all the product is phenomenal (Livetype Powerstart). It contains information that one will use over and over in real world applications. Easy to buy, and arrived on time. I’ll definitely buy their other products.

  4. jerry 14 years ago

    I’d like to purchase a “Livetype Power Start” disc, but didn’t see it available here.

  5. grace 14 years ago

    LiveType PowerStart is now available through our downloadable DVcreators University! Here’s where you can download it:

  6. jerry 14 years ago

    Once I download it can I burn it to a DVD? I don’t want problems down the road if I sell this computer or from some misfortune you are no longer around.

  7. Josh 14 years ago

    Hi Jerry, hmmm… burning to a DVD would eliminate many advantages of MOD Machine delivery.

    If you sell the computer (or have a hard drive crash) you can easily re-download from any other computer using the same email address you used to purchase.

    As far as us being around… we are one of the most established, most successful digital video companies in the world, we plan on being around forever!

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