Looking for digital media wizard

Looking for digital media wizard

Looking for digital media wizard for an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with one of the most respected companies in the digital media industry.

Must be:

  • ambitious, resourceful, sharp and self-driven
  • 100% dedicated to total mastery of digital media
  • unwaveringly committed to world class quality
  • a productive and efficient artist, producer and project manager
  • expert in Final Cut Pro & Motion
  • professional-quality graphics and motion graphics designer
  • a clear, intelligent, concise writer

Would be great if you also had expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • cinematography
  • lighting
  • location sound
  • advanced post audio
  • PHP
  • some programming experience

But a strong willingness to learn and do whatever it takes will suffice.

You will be working alongside one of the pioneers and leaders of the digital media revolution, and through this opportunity will attain a rare mastery of extremely valuable digital media methodologies, technologies, secrets, tricks and timesavers that will place you among the world’s very top echelon of experts.

Very high earnings potential for someone who can demonstrate ability to finish projects efficiently at a high quality level.

Please respond by clicking here with resumé, cover letter, and link to graphics, website or motion graphics example you have created. If others were involved with its creation please be very clear about which part of the work you created.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


  1. Sandy Cohen 16 years ago

    I have been involved in digital video production since 1978, when I worked for Dolphin Productions, in New York.

    Currently I use FCP Studio.

    Please check out my web site.



  2. Xácome 16 years ago

    I’m interested!

    More than 5 years using final cut pro.

    I live in Barcelona but I’m flying free.

    I’m Spanish


    Freehand, illustrator, after effects, combustion, flash 8, photoshop, GarageBand, Protools, Reason…

    Compose, animate, design, edit, tell, write, play, stop&spot, creativity, shoot, freeze, watch, be watched, me… and them, me… and she, me… and you.

    “Gracias por su atención y espero tener noticias suyas pronto”

    Xácome A. Alcántara Quintela

  3. Sean Baxter 16 years ago

    I’m interested, tell me more.

  4. Ross Martin 16 years ago

    To whom it may concern,

    I’d like to know more about the writing opportunities mentioned here. While my first passion has always been writing, I’m currently trying to learn editing in order to make a living. I took two classes on print journalism at UCLA Extension. My bachelor degrees are in English at the University of Hartford and in Cinema at Columbia College-Hollywood.

    In July 2005, I completed a two-week Final Cut Pro Immersive course at Moviola. The course covered every aspect of editing with FCP including some color correction and applications such as LiveType and Soundtrack. I’ve edited two documentaries, a short film and two music videos. A trailer of my feature documentary “Finding My Religion” about American Jews reconnecting with Judaism in Israel. can be seen on the website: http://www.rosshmartin.com

    Check out my edit reel at my website. http://www.rosshmartin.com/editing.html

    I attend the LAFCPUG meetings once a month.

    I produced, co-wrote and co-directed a low budget independent feature film. Acting as a casting director, I set up numerous appointments, worked with agents and managers and attached some star talent. Some of my many other hats have included scouting locations, hiring crew and managing the production office. SEE fenderbenderfilms.com

    I produced, co-wrote and co-directed a low budget independent feature film starring Corbin Bernsen. I was very much involved in writing press releases, assembling press kits, sending emails, shipping trailers and VHS copies of the feature film to distributors. A lot of the material on the website is written by me. GOTO: fenderbenderfilms.com I prepared materials for various film festivals and markets, including the IFP Market in NY. As a producer, I also worked with agents and managers and attached some star talent. Some of my many other hats have included scouting locations, hiring crew and managing the production office.

    At WireImage Video. I started as a research assistant, researching clips from our archive and often placing clips together in Final Cut Pro to be layed down on a beta tape to be shipped to a client. I was also digitizing media to be added to the archive.

    I worked for Todd A-O Video Services. I started as a driver and became a film receiver in the shipping department. I received large shipments of film from studios such as MGM and Paramount Pictures. I determined what the elements were and logged that information into the computer database. Managing space in the film vault was another task I did on a daily basis.

    Please keep me in mind if any experience suits your company’s needs and if you have any openings.


    Ross Martin

  5. Marc Martinez 13 years ago

    Hi Josh,

    Im an indie filmmaker, recording enthusiast and former IT professional. Your position requirements describe my skills and experience.

    Clear, intelligent, concise writer:

    Advanced Final Cut, Motion editing and Pro sound (shot on webcam)



    Location Sound


    Feature film credit for cinematography and producing:

    Would love to hear from you,

    Marc Martinez

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