Digital video experts, trainers and producers wanted

Digital video experts, trainers and producers wanted has over 100,000 customers who depend on us to provide quality digital video training, consulting and production.
If you:

  • are an expert in an area of digital media production
  • are a clear, excellent and entertaining communicator and presenter
  • are ambitious and committed to excellence
  • wish to explore a lucrative opportunity to help others

Please send an email to us.


  1. Grady Johnson 16 years ago

    I am curious. I currently produce how to videos for expert I am also making several comedy spots for a Canadian company called bytecaster. We are looking for more lucrative projects. I have a full digital studio and I edit on avid express studio hd. I shoot with the Canon XL1S.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Grady Johnson
    Karma Train Productions

  2. Xácome 16 years ago

    Creative and young, fast and secure, apprentice and master, producer and postproducer; All in one.

    I’m a Spanish boy with more than 7 years of experience but I’m only 25.

    I really like to play:
    – I play piano
    – I play drums
    – I play fiction
    – I play Final cut pro
    – I play Combustion
    – I play Flash 8
    – I play Mac
    – I play guitar
    – I play some sports
    – I play my life and I’m always learning to learn.

    Weak point: I’m living in Barcelona
    Strong point: No limits
    Camera: Canon XH A1 HDV
    Mac: G5 dual
    (–): Communication
    @: media

    I would like to hearing from you soon
    Xácome A. Alcántara Quintela

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