Matthews M25 Tripod with Carry Case

Matthews M25 Tripod with Carry Case

Every now and then a reallly cool “widget” comes along that allows us creative types to accomplish the seemingly impossible. The M25 Tripod does just that! This tripod has all the “must be” features you’re looking for in a professional tripod – lightweight, capacity, stable and smooth. However, there’s one little “widget” that we’re sure you didn’t expect – 3″ travel distance of the Camera Mounting Plate! “What’s that do? Just ask creative types.”

3″ Travel Camera Mounting Plate allows for easy camera counterbalance.

See an article in Videomaker Magazine

Maximum Height: 5′ (1520mm)
Minimum Height: 30″ (765mm)
Footprint: 40″ (102mm)
Capacity: 15lbs (7kg)
Weight: 7lbs (3.2kg)

M25 Tripod with Carry Case

Availability: Discontinued

Price: $185


  1. Eric Piercey 15 years ago

    I’m just curious what sort of drag controls this has on it. The head shape appears modeled after more expensive brands (sachtler comes to mind.) How does it compare I wonder to a 501/503 or D&S FM18?

  2. Daniel Loomis 15 years ago

    In reading the review comments, it seems that is where Matthews save money. There are none. Also, I have read on various dv sites where new owners have had problems with noisy movement, poor assembly and other issues. However, those reports may be due to early production hiccups.

    Any recent purchasers reporting such problems with the M25?

    I am considering one for use with my Sony V1 and 35mm adapter rig. The sliding mount would be most helpful in balancing the rig.

  3. kruzer 15 years ago

    I bought one of these M25 and I love it.
    It’s not like those aluminum tripods. This one is a bit heavy… that I like. You have less chance to bump the camera while taping. The legs are rock solid. The reason I bought this, for the really quick adjustment on the legs and double rods to give it more rigid feel.

    The head.
    Well, it’s great for panning, but it will take some time to get the hang of it. It feels like fluid head, but it’s not. The side lock (up/down) function is spring loaded to bring it back to flat without a struggle. It has a very smooth action.
    Sliding plate is really well made and it works like a charm.

    One bonus function that made my life a lot easier is the quick level adjustment under the slide plates. No more adjusting the legs. Just move the whole assembly and lock for a quick bubble-level.
    Simple as that.
    Saves me lots of time and aggravation.

    The unit really well made and not like some of the cheap models you see in the photo stores.
    If you serious about good video shots, then this is the way to go without spending $800.00 for something close to this unit.
    The price is a bargain in my opinion 🙂

  4. Jason Robinson 15 years ago

    I purchased the M25 after having the Libec (from which the M25 was modeled). The tripod is by far the best video tripod for the money. Fast setup, fast bubble leveling, fast balancing with the 3″ sliding QR plate, and pretty darn smooth operation. It could use a longer arm for smoother pans / tilts. The only operational problem I had with this unit was the loss of a washer (I assume there was one but I don’t remember seeing it) that keeps the camera screw & QR mount slider from falling off the QR plate. I fixed this with a small rectangle of plastic milk carton on top with the mounting screw screwing through from below.

    There will come a time when you want to have QR mounts so you can move your camera from tripod to MultiRig / Glidecam / Steadicam or jib but unfortunately the M25 is not made for that level of activity (or I have not found the QR mounts for it).

    Until you need those features, if you been operating in the world of still photo tripod hand-me-downs or cheap brick and mortar store video tripods, this will advance your shots significantly.

  5. kruzer 14 years ago

    I need a few QR mount as well.
    If anyone has info where can be purchased, drop me a note:

  6. Christian Milembamane 14 years ago

    I urgently need a M25 tripod plate. Where can I order one? How much is it?

  7. kruzer 14 years ago

    found a direct source for the QR plates.
    I bought two of them already.
    Contact me ( if you want to buy these and I’ll give you the link.

    • Bruce L 13 years ago

      What is the link for the M-25 QR plate?


  8. Christian M. 14 years ago

    What’s the link?

    • kruzer 14 years ago

      I can’t publish the link here… send me e-mail as shown above

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