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    OK, I’ve got a Sony wired lav, a Sennheiser wireless ENG kit, a AudioTechnica supercardoid shotgun mic, and the H4N. I’m open to suggestion on the best way to collect sound shooting interviews of elderly subjects sitting in their livingrooms. Any help.? Equipment recommendations? Thanks to all.

    • If I had to pick one for all situations, I would have to go for the AT shotgun. The downside of the shotgun is in a room with hardwood floors you’ll pick up some room ambience. I would normally choose the wired lav but you just never know how much contact noise there will be with your talent.

      Ideally you would run a lav into channel 1 and a shotgun into channel 2 and choose the best track in post, this also covers you if you set one channel a little too low or high.

      • Josh,
        Thanks for the reply. I always do two sound options. Just recently got the AT for outdoor shots–doing a corp vid. Because it’s super-cardiod it records a constant echo indoors. I was hoping to come up with a shotgun usable indoors–usually on a boom, but with the option for on-camera. I guess a stereo shotgun might work, but I would really like to have input or, preferably, try one before spending six or seven hundred dollars on one.
        Anyway, thanks for your input.

        • If it’s feasible, bringing a rug or squares of acoustic foam and laying them on a hardwood, tile or concrete floor makes a huge difference, reducing the room ambience quite a bit.

          A stereo shotgun isn’t going to be a better option for voice (unless it’s a singing choir!).

    • Hi steve
      Last year i recorded a few scenes in a Tukish cafe for a short, i used a Rode NTG-2 with a boom deployed overhead and was pleasantly happy with the overall sound even with tabletops and a tiled floor. I did slip on my Softie too which i believe helped! As Josh suggests though rugs make a lot of difference.