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    hello everybody my name is chris and i had a few things i wanted to run by the group and get some opinions…im in the middle of starting my own production company and i got to write a business plan of what i will need and the services i will offer..a few of the things my company will be doing is…i will record personal events..weddings..parties..sporting events..etc..also i will be doing videos for artist that would like music videos done..also i will shoot short films and documentaries and feature lenths for writers that dont have access to equipment to shoot their self..also i want to offer a service were i transfer old DV..Vhs etc to DVD..that is a brief of what i will be doing..now what i need help with is what all equipment i should put down…what i got so far is 2 Macs (im open to what kind to get) i always used FCP is that what i should go with if so what version would yall suggest? i know i will need mics and light kits (what kind would yall suggest from yall experience?)the cameras i was going to get was 2 canon 7D’s and 1 or 2 canon Xha-1 (what do yall think or suggest) do yall think i should buy monitors? and have any of yall ever used a glidecam? if so do yall think that would be a good thing to purchase? i know im leaving some items off so throw some more things at me..all feed back is appreciated thanks…
    and thanks Guy for suggesting this

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for posting. I’m glad that Phil has been a good mentor to you and that he recommend that you reach out to us. You can learn a lot from him and he has been a great customer as well as an active member in our forums over the years. He offers great experience and has a lot of this gear himself.
      I’ll start off with answering the Sound and Lighting. Hopefully some other folks here will also be able to offer insight.

      Sennheiser Evolution G3 wireless lavalier $599 http://www.dvestore.com/products/Sennheiser-EW-112P-G3-Wireless-System.html
      DVcreator Location Sound Package with RODE NTG-2 $499 http://www.dvestore.com/dvcreator-location-sound-package-1-rode-ntg-2/
      Sony 7506 headphones $99 http://www.dvestore.com/products/Sony-MDR%252d7506-Headphones.html

      If staying local, I would recommend fluorescent/LED lights
      If traveling, I would recommend hot lights

      $549 3 Light Fluorescent http://www.dvestore.com/products/Flolight-KIT%252dFL%252d110HMD3.html
      $1519 3 Light LED http://www.dvestore.com/ikan-id-500-led-3-light-kit-120vac/
      $1386 4 Light Tungsten http://www.dvestore.com/products/Lowel-DVcreator-Kit-44-%28with-soft-case-and-lamps%29.html

      I’m on my way out the door to the local Final Cut Pro user group – most folks there are still on Final Cut Studio 2 or 3. Try not to go too crazy on spending. You’ll want all of this equipment to pay for itself over a given amount of time. So divide it out. Most of us with gear have slowly acquired it through years of production. We’re here to help so just keep asking questions and we’ll do our best to answer ‘em.

      • ok thanks..so what do u think about my selections of cameras? have u ever used them before? and to do voice overs and things like that do you use a mixer or do u just use pro tools?

        • do u teach the final cut class?

        • I’ve owned both the Canon 7D and DVcreators has the XH-A1, which I have shot with and led seminars on. Both are fine cameras and serve different purposes. Right now, I’d also be looking at the Panasonic GH2 if you even exploring the DSLRs.
          From a business standpoint, you’ll want to remember that your income needs to match or beat or your expenses. Check the competition in your area and get an idea as to how much the market will pay for your services. Ideally, you’ll find a couple of local businesses that can feed you consistent work. Learn to use Excel or Google spreadsheets to analyze how much you need to have coming in to invest in all of this gear. You may also want to just tag up with another production company and share resources. You may also want to do a couple of free video for non-profits – to gain experience – and you never know who might see your work and offer you additional gigs. Besides, it’s better to mess up on a non-paying gig than a once in a lifetime paying customers project.
          For voice overs, you can use the RODE NTG-2 shotgun mic in the location sound package above and record direct into your camera. We also have adapters which are XLR to USB. Usually a large diaphragm condenser would be used for VO, but unless you’re doing them all the time, I would not invest in one now. Make due with the gear you have and only buy what you need. Invest in training, books and DVDs – feed your brain :)

          • i have not used any of the panasonics yet..i went to school for film and all we used was canon so my mind has been 1 track since then..lol we use to always use the canon xl2..i actually owned 2of them befor my house got broken into and they where stolen along with some other equipment which is why im starting over from scratch..but thats another story..lol…and im trying to price things now for what i will need so i can do the numbers on a spreed sheet…im actually in the works of getting this grant money or this business loan thats really the reason i was thinking of getting so much stuff at once..and i have been trying to get back in the swing of things or feed my brain as you call it i just got my final cut book back that helps you with the program..i havent used my editing kraft in awhile well since i graduated..Also with the company im looking to start i have a few people that are good with camera work..editing..and someone good with effects..im good with camera work and ok with editing but i need to brush up on it…also i was looking for production companies in my area and here in ohio only like 2companies popped up but im going to research again..and my plan to start off was to do a few free music videos and maybe an event like a wedding or something to add to my site (which i need to find someone to build) i have another meeting for my proposal which they want me to have my 1st year plans which includes start up cost on how much the equipment will cost and how much i expect to make…so thats why i been asking for the numbers of how much things would cost..and i want to let you know u have been alot of help….so if you where going for a grant/loan would u go all out if ur starting from scratch getting the equipment or keep it low? and also what kind of computer do you use? right now i only have the 17inc imac where everything is built into the monitor..and i didnt proof read because i typed alot so i hope this makes scense..lol

            • Depends on the grant and their track record of amounts funded for similar ventures. Of course we would all like top of the line gear, but I would try to keep things realistic and spend as if you had earned it. There might be some projects where you work you butt off and only wind up making a small amount. It’s the nature of the business when you’re starting out. Once you have a track record as a solid performer is when you get the higher paying, choice gigs. Heck I know one sound mixer that turns down all kinds of work just because it’s multichannel high intensity reality show work, when he knows he can easily get the single boom op work for just as much. He actually has a choice and clears $600-1k/day! (They actually pay to rent his gear too)
              For now an iMac, or even a Mac Mini would be a good machine, until you see it bottlenecking your turnaround, I would not recommend going “all out” and buying the fastest machine. These current iMacs are running circles around the fastest machine from 2-3 years ago.
              I’m glad that you’re asking questions now, planning is one of the most important aspects of the industry. Just remember that taking action and not giving up is what will set you apart.

              • ok i appreciate all the advice..everything you said made alot of scense…i was going through the site trying to find prices on a few things to add on my spreed sheet…if i cant find it on the site i will check with you to see if im over looking it…and another thing have you used the glidecam?? if so do you think it is a good purchase

          • and wasnt there a comment about someone talking about a 3day film class in San Fran?? i got a email talking about it but its not here now

        • I just got a 60D, it’s a great camera and about $1000 less than the 7D: