Monitoring your work in Final Cut Pro

Monitoring your work in Final Cut Pro

When you’re EDITING, you can make good decisions just watching the Canvas Window on your laptop.

But for color grading, it’s critically important to watch your show on a monitor that’s displaying an accurate image. Monitoring is important because all your color grading work is going to be off if the monitor you’re watching while you work is not telling the truth.

Think of all the ways viewers might watch your project. If you’re delivering on DVD, your show might be watched on plasma or LCD TVs, projectors, or older CRT TVs – but they also might be watching the DVD on a desktop or laptop computer. If you’re delivering via the internet, your viewers will almost all be watching computer screens. But, some might be watching on a television connected to an AppleTV or other set-top box. Then don’t forget video iPods, iPhones, cel phones and all other portable video playback devices.

How do I design an accurate monitoring system when viewers screens vary so much?
The simple answer is that all these viewer’s screens are designed to make high end content, like Hollywood movies and broadcast television shows, look as good as possible. And every colorist working on a professionally-produced show . . .

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