Motion PowerStart

Motion PowerStart

Michael Wohl’s Motion PowerStart is a comprehensive training course for Motion containing three clear, fun, and practical hands-on tutorials plus a section on integrating Motion with other Apple programs. It was written by Michael Wohl, a member of the official Motion documentation team, along with Josh Mellicker of

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(We are working on an update to this product that will fully address the new features in Motion 3. This version of Motion PowerStart is 100% applicable to Motion 3, and still the world’s best way to learn Motion, but it does not cover the Replicator or 3D layers.)

Everyone knows that we learn best, and retain the most of what we’re taught, when we learn in the context of actually creating real-world projects. We also learn best when we’re having fun, and those two concepts form the basis for the style of training contained on this unique DVD-ROM. In three practical lessons you’ll learn how to master all the major features of Motion, learning in an incremental, intuitive way.

Starting with a simple project creating a TV bumper, you’ll get your feet wet gently and before you know it, you will be swimming confidently, with a solid understanding of the Motion workflow. From there, lesson two takes you deeper into the Motion aquarium. You’ll be using Motion’s powerful and unique tools such as Behaviors, Particle Systems, and Keyframing.

Finally, in lesson three you go out into open water, divemaster Mike at your side, and you’ll build a beautiful DVD menu, utilizing the skills learned in the earlier lessons, but now taking advantage of some of Motion’s most powerful features, including the Keyframe Editor, Parameter Behaviors, Masks and Custom Text Sequence Effects.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and the confidence to create your own incredible title sequences, DVD menus, animated logos, and other motion graphics projects and best of all, you’ll have fun doing it!

Most importantly, though, you’ll learn by doing; by facing and overcoming the creative obstacles you will likely encounter in your own work, and understanding why the software works like it does, rather than just memorizing how it works. You’re not just going to learn how to use Motion, we predict you’re going to become addicted to it’s surprisingly fun interface. And all the while you’ll also be learning the good habits and common techniques of motion graphics professionals.

Michael Wohl’s Motion PowerStart is presented in the next-generation “chunkalized” learning environment, light-years beyond any other teaching method. Unlike books and other DVDs, in Michael Wohl’s Motion PowerStart you will actually build real-world projects yourself, hands-on, step-by-step, with your virtual instructor explaining each concept, tool, and technique clearly and concisely as you go.

Michael Wohl’s Motion PowerStart is the world’s best learning experience for mastering Motion’s unique and sophisticated motion graphics creation environment, whether you are a professional motion graphics artist, editor or new to the field.

Michael Wohl is an award-winning filmmaker, author of “Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro” and the Apple Pro Training series Advanced Final Cut Pro manual. Michael has a unique level of experience with Motion, having worked with the Apple Motion development team since December of 2003 writing the official Apple documentation. For five years he served as one of the principal designers of Final Cut Pro and is now considered one of the world’s leading experts on digital filmmaking.

Motion PowerStart course on DVD-ROM
For new users to professional motion graphics artists
Requirements: Mac OS X, QT 6+, 1280 X 854 monitor, DVD drive
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: $79.95 SALE PRICE $30.00!


Interface Orientation

canvas • playback controls • canvas view controls • playback controls • Project Pane • Timeline • timing tabs • Utility window • File Browser • Library • Inspector • Dashboard • Toolbar • status area

Lesson One: Bumper

Project Presets • Preferences • creating text • dynamic guides • importing media • shortcuts • manipulating objects in the Canvas • layers • Inspector properties • Behaviors • basic motion • working with audio • Particle Emitters • Text Sequence Behaviors • integration with Final Cut Pro

Lesson Two: Station Logo ID

value sliders • Text Inspector • text format, style and layout • custom style presents • gradients • text animation • shapes • layers vs. objects • controlling Motion’s interface • trimming in the timeline • Particle presets • Play Range • Keyframes • RAM preview • more text sequence behaviors

Lesson Three: DVD Motion Menu

Layer order • custom filter controls • Masks • saving custom filter presets • Favorites Menu • Drop Menus • Mini-timeline • Guides • Simulation Behaviors • Navigating the File Browser • Keyframe Editor • Keyframe interpolation • Media tab • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts • Path Text • Parameter Behaviors • Gradient Editor

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Chunkalized™ learning.

In our innovative, patent pending “chunkalized” step-by-step learning environment, each section is presented as a series of clear, easy-to-understand “learning chunks”. You must verify that you comprehend and have completed each step and action in the process before your virtual instructor moves on.

Hands-on training.

To master any software, you must do, not just watch. PowerStart is the best kind of hands-on training there is- guided by expert instructors, you build the tutorial projects yourself. There are always opportunities to take time and experiment so you are actually comprehending each tool and each action you’re executing.

“In-context” learning.

Unlike other products that cover tools and concepts in a jumbled, unrelated order, each and every concept and action presented on this DVD is in the context of completing a real world task. So, when working on your own projects, you’ll immediately be able to put what you’ve learned to work.


Learn at your own pace. Quickly move through sections you understand, make your virtual instructor go over difficult concepts as many times as you need without worrying about other students or the time limits of a class. You have total control.

High Quality.

We use proprietary production methods to deliver crisp, sharp, high quality visuals to your computer screen, unlike fuzzy, headache-causing DVD video discs and VHS tapes. The movies on Motion PowerStart are huge, so you get the whole picture.

No one learns alone.

No one should have to learn alone. Our “Ask a Question” button will allow you to post your question on our Motion forum for thousands of others, including our own industry-leading instructors, to answer. You can ask questions, offer advice, and share tips in a collaborative, organized online environment on the very topic that you are currently learning.

Created by the top experts.

The Motion PowerStart course was created by Michael Wohl and, the world leader in desktop movie training. We have more experience in Apple digital media software training than anyone else on Earth!

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  1. customer feedback 17 years ago

    Just got Michael Wohl’s Motion Powerstart today and watched the entire DVD in one sitting! Spell-binding, informative and funny. Michael should take his gig on the road! Motion is a very intricate program, but this DVD breaks things down wonderfully. It was like Michael was reading my mind. I would think, "Yes, but what about this." Michael’s next line was, "If you’re wondering about this…" it was wild.

    Anyway, I would highly recommend this DVD for anyone wanting to learn Motion and it this price, anyone thinking about investing in the program can get a solid understanding before they buy!

    Kudos again, my friend. has done it again!

  2. The Motion Powerstart DVD tutorial does the job and does it very well indeed. Michael Wohl is an excellent instructor and there is great joy and humor throughout the tutorial which makes the learning process an exciting experience for the student. With a run time of almost two hours there is an enormous amount of information packed into this tutorial. You can view five different excerpts from the Motion Powerstart DVD tutorial to get a sense of how well this tutorial does its job. If you are looking to go down the ‘rabbit hole’, I can think of no better guide than Michael Wohl and

  3. Tom Suzuki 16 years ago

    I had a question and a small problem. In the third tuutorial when you drag the 4 clips into the minitimeline and get the pull down menu, I can’t seem to get my clips to show without a black background. If I drag the clips directly into the main window it appears with the Background keyed out, but I can’t seem to get it when I use the mini timeline. Any insights? Thanks for your help.

  4. Josh 16 years ago

    Tom, that is peculiar. Could you copy and paste your question here?

    and we will try to duplicate…

  5. Ron G 13 years ago

    If I go ahead and order/download this product now, will I automatically receive the updated version when it’s ready? Or… would I have to re-purchase the NEW version, once it’s ready?

    I’d like to go ahead and start learning, but if I have to pay for the module twice, I’ll just wait until the new version is ready.


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