Musicbed DV 1.0.3

Musicbed DV 1.0.3

An intuitive and easy to use production music tool. You can browse and shape professionally composed music beds to suit your video, DVD, or web project quickly and easily. download here (103 MB disk image)

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  1. Synk Audio 17 years ago

    The latest version is Musicbed DV 1.2 and is bundled with the Season One customizable stock music library.

    Musicbed DV is an easy-to-use music customization application designed for visual media professionals. Season One is a cinematic stock music library encoded for customizability.

    All stock music is available as stereo mixes, instrumental stems, and surround music at any custom duration.

    The Musicbed DV and Season One trial is available at

    Musicbed DV 1.2 includes a number of new features including:

    – New 5.1 surround export feature (L, R, Ls, Rs, C, LFE).
    – New instrumental stems export feature (bass, percussion, etc.).
    – New chapter and scoring marker import feature. Useful when importing QuickTime from Final Cut.
    – New tempo map export feature. Tempo map may be exported as a MIDI file or spreadsheet. Useful when exporting a mix for Logic or Soundtrack.
    – Many more enhancements.

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