Nattress Film Effects FCP Plugin

Nattress Film Effects FCP Plugin
Nattress – Film Effects Version 2.5.1

Graeme has done an excellent job of meeting Final Cut Pro users needs with a great plugin set at a truly affordable price. The Film Effects set competes with Magic Bullet at a fraction of the cost.

We were very pleased with the results we were able to achieve, giving that video look an expensive film-like look that made the viewer feel more like they had escaped to a story being told as opposed to the in your face 6 o’clock news, “reality tv” video look you typically get with a DV camera. People will soon be asking, “Hey, whaddya shoot this on?” These filters are absolutely perfect to apply to an entire sequence once a project is completed, for that fine polished look.

It’s not just the color enhancing, it’s the 24P film feel you get with the plug-in. The motion is subtle, but definitely takes away the video feel. We also like the optional vignette for really focusing the viewers attention. Very cool. A must for any Final Cut Pro user.


• Makes video look like film
• Preset Library contains many popular film effects – use as-is or tweak to create your own unique look
• Remove DV color artifacts with intelligent chroma upsampler
• Native FCP plugin – no need to take your video to an external application
• New G Film Dissolve for five varieties of real film dissolve effects
• RT Extreme enabled with G Film Plus RT and G Film Presets Explorer RT
• G Vignette for darkened edges and more creative effects
• G Smart De-Interlacer
• Dithered Levels controls
• and more….

Download the FREE Film Effects Demo Filters: Demo Filters

Nattress G-Film Effects 2.5.1


“I have been a TV producer and f/x specialist for a decade. I stopped shooting on 35 and 16 mm film for my larger shows years ago do to obvious financial reasons but have never been happy with the various film look alternatives.
Since we purchased your film look package, everybody here who uses it is delighted with it. Ease of use, integration in final cut pro, and the look. (I would have paid a lot more for it had I known how nice it was).
well done!
We will absolutely look into your other products and recommend you to everybody we deal with.”
Willie Stevenson

“I just wanted you to know that I used Film Effects on a local commercial recently. I was very pleased with the results. I was told that it looked like a national ad.”
Nick Toth

“The G Film filters are unbelievable. spent some time with them yesterday,
really amazing.”
“And Graeme’s Film look filters are truly incredible, (high praise coming from a film-look total skeptic) especially at $100. I tried FilmFX ($500) and Magic Bullet (forget how much but expensive and SO slow) and G Film kicks all their butts, IMHO. Plus it seems to render faster than all the others, and the manual is great, with such helpful tips as ‘apply G Film before other filters for faster rendering’ ”
“one of the best written overviews of film and video ever in the manual.”
Chris Poisson – FishEyeEdit

“I’ll second that you need to look at Graeme’s Film Effects plug-ins. I just used them on a project and it really worked great. It comes with a variety of presets which are great by themselves, but also good starting points to make minor changes as you may require.”
Jim Rietz


  1. Stu Aull 16 years ago

    FAB – and Graeme has, like, INSTANT TECH RESPONSE (OK slight exaggeration)! Really helps users if needed – love the product, thanks Graeme!

  2. Bill Anciaux 16 years ago

    Will this plug-in work with Final Cut Express 3.5 also? Thanks.

  3. Jay 15 years ago

    will this be compatible with FCE or is it just STudio?

    • Guy 14 years ago

      Final Cut Express?

      The majority of the plugins work in Final Cut Express. Please download a demo and ensure they work for your needs before buying.

  4. gold 13 years ago

    Sehr interessant. Kommt hier noch ein weiterer Beitrag? Würde gern einiges mehr darüber wissen. Könntest du mir per E-Mail eine Antwort geben?

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