New improved digital video knowledge finding resources

New improved digital video knowledge finding resources

Searching for information is easy.

Finding quality information is hard.

We at are dedicated to being the best resource on the internet to help you find the knowledge you’re looking for, when you need it. In this pursuit we have just added a few new features to help you, the pursuer of complete digital video mastery, find valuable knowledge faster and easier:


New DV KnowledgeBase search field

First, I’d like to remind you to bookmark our page, which has several search fields:

Google, Yahoo and others offer “search” engines. For digital video creators, we like to think of our page as a set of “find” engines :), since the results are more finely tuned to people like you who produce digital video than the general public.

  • The first search field is the same as the search box on every page of our site in the upper right, just type a few letters or a word in and wait a moment, and you will see a list of articles. Hopefully one of those is exactly what you need. This is the best option since you will be assured the information is accurate and high quality.
  • If you do not find the info you’re looking for, try the second search box, which will search our very popular and informative forums, regarded as some of the best digital video discussions on the web since 1999.Try it now:
  • NEW! The third search box will search our site and a few other high quality sites. This will almost always provide better results than Google, because it only searches sites specifically targeted to digital video creators. (For example, “lighting” won’t bring up crystal chandeliers)Try it now:
  • Finally, the last resort, a regular Google search of the whole internet. Your mileage will vary 🙂


Tag Cloud

The second new resource is a tag cloud which you’ll find in the sidebar of almost every page. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding more and more so that you can easily click on a topic of interest and see all related articles.



The third improvement is actually not for you, but for your friends and colleagues. The “Share/Save” button below each article allows you to alert others to any article you found particularly valuable or interesting. It gives you one click access to almost every form of web communication there is, from web email to Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and a zillion others, as well as personal bookmark services like Delicious.

If you find something supercool, pass it on!

If you have any suggestions to how we can make our website more valuable to you, let us know!


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