Newspapers overtake broadcasters in video streaming

Newspapers overtake broadcasters in video streaming

Newspaper sites have overtaken broadcaster sites in the number of videos uploaded, according to a report by Brightcove and TubeMogul.

Its quarterly report, which analysed a sample of US-based and global Brightcove customers for Q3 2010, found that newspaper sites streamed 313m minutes of video in the quarter, compared with 290m minutes uploaded by broadcasters.

Newspapers saw 51% growth in video content, surpassing broadcasters for total minutes streamed for the first time, suggesting that newspapers are quickly adapting their once print-dominated businesses to multimedia production.

via Newspapers overtake broadcasters in video streaming | News | New Media Age.


  1. Amanda 12 years ago

    Wow. This is great!

    I studied print journalism in college. One of the major topics (and the most panic-filled one) was how to survive in new media media age using the web, video, interactive storytelling, etc.

    Good to see that it’s working!

  2. Josh Mellicker 12 years ago

    These are interesting times we live in. It’s amazing to see giants of bygone eras fall and become extinct while the new, little intelligent mammals gobble up their eggs.

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