"Ninjutsu" footage shot with Steadicam Merlin

"Ninjutsu" footage shot with Steadicam Merlin

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Here’s a great example of moving camera work by Nick Tsamandanis now playing on Google video. Amazing what a Steadicam device costing less than $800 can do when a user becomes proficient.  A new vest for the Merlin is rumored be unveiled at NAB 2007. The Steadicam Merlin is available and now shipping direct from the DVeStore.   We also have an exclusive demonstration of the Merlin with the inventor of the Steadicam here in this QuickTime  NAB – Steadicam MerlinGarrett Brown


  1. Josh 16 years ago

    Very nice video- and smooth moves! Shooting with a Merlin gives you such a floating sensation, you don’t even notice the camera is moving sometimes.

    One tip: with action scenes like this, it’s important to anticipate- even when you know one fellow’s going down, the camera sometimes was behind the action instead of with it- if you think a half second ahead, you can keepo your subject in frame rather than playing catch up.

  2. jonathan 16 years ago

    Yes, it was smooth, but slow….

    Your edits should have been triple time –
    Your camera seemed stiff, not following the action.

    Jeepers, just go handheld if you need the shot.
    The Karate should give a sense of action, not a slow moving body of water filling an empty vessel.

  3. Roofie 16 years ago

    the actors should be put on pull wires. this allows them to do flips and jump off of walls. I know i worked in Hollywood for 10 years.

    nothing special, i’d recommend using a tripod. will result in much steadier camera shots. too shaky really make me sick.

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