Photoflex Constellation3 Large SilverDome Kit

Photoflex Constellation3 Large SilverDome Kit

The Constellation3 Large SilverDome Kit is our multi-lamp, continuous lighting solution. The Constellation3 will accept our CoolStar CFL lamps (daylight-balanced), or our Starlite lamps (tungsten-balanced).

The Constellation3 features three lamps sockets each with an individual power switch. One power cord can supply power for two sockets; two power cords supply full power to all three sockets.


  • Constellation3 light head
  • Large SilverDome soft box (36″ x 48″)
  • 3 CoolStar 150 CFLs
  • 3 Starlite 1000w lamps
  • LiteStand 2320Y (12 feet)
  • Tilt Swivel
  • 2 power cords
  • Transpac Dual Kit Case

Great lighting solution for videographers and photographers shooting with daylight color conditions.

Photoflex Constellation 3 Large SilverDome Kit
Ships same/next business day
Price: $1299.95

Features & Benefits:
  • Holds up to three CoolStar CFL Lamps for daylight balanced lighting
  • Holds up to three Starlite Lamps for 3000w tungsten balanced lighting
  • Separate power switch for each lamp socket
  • Secure, all metal Tilt Swivel mounting design
  • Integrated connector ring for soft boxes
  • Constellation3 light head comes in its own rigid carry case


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