Photoflex Reflector

Photoflex Reflector
Photoflex MultiDisc 5’n1 Reflector

As seen in the DV Enlightenment DVD! A must have for any shooter. The MultiDisc 5’n1 offers five reflector surfaces; translucent, white, silver, gold, and soft gold; all in one easy to carry package. It’s a snap to switch surfaces in seconds.

Great for outdoor use to bounce sunlight generously filling in the dark shadows under a person’s chin and eyes. Awesome indoors to put on the opposite side of you key light to fill in the shadows. Achieve soft beautiful light.

The Gold reflective surface warms up any scene. Use silver to bounce harder light. And use the translucent surface to punch through with a hot light and achieve a soft, soft, softbox quality of light. Also use the translucent outdoors to soften overhead sunlight. Don’t compete with sun and use hot lights, use a Photoflex reflector!

Photoflex MultiDisc 5’n1 LiteDisc Reflector 42″ (no stand)

Availability: Usually ships same / next day
List Price:$157.95 / Our Price: $119.95!

Photoflex MultiDisc 5’n1 LiteDiscReflector 42″ Kit (with LS-2218 Stand and telescopic Litedisc holder)

Availability: Usually ships same / next day
List Price:$331.95 / Our Price: $239.95


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