Poser 7: Reviewed

Poser 7: Reviewed

This is a great program for creating quick and detailed animations of characters right out of the box.  Excellent for character stills and animation, medical illustrations, architectural, and storyboards.

In my case, having only dabbled a bit in the Poser of the past, but now, after seeing and using Poser 7, I am now convinced that this is the best program to quickly create and animate the human figure.  You also have access to numerous animal figures and even robots.  And now even more so, with the walk simulator, that definitely simplifies the animation process.  You also have lip syncing functionality, when you import some narration or voice over that you’ve recorded.

This is the walk designer, where you can uniquely customize the stride or gallop of your character.

This is just one picture of the many tool tabs that are available, and very easy to use.

It also has very powerful lighting, and rendering tools.  You can then customize how you want your animations output, from photorealism, sketch, cartoon, silhouette and more.

All in all, this is a wonderful tool for animators, being that you can create quick realistic human figures.  And especially those of you, who are just dipping their toes into the perverbial water of animation.


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