Prompter People Proline Teleprompters

Prompter People Proline Teleprompters

The Proline offers innovative, patent pending features unavailable on any other teleprompter. Its completely tool-less design offers quick setup and breakdown with any size camera. Our patent pending mirror assembly offers both height AND angle adjustment for perfect camera centering and presenter viewing angle.  The mirror assembly also folds flat for fast, safe transport. The use of custom aluminum extrusions (instead of heavy slab aluminum) combined with our ultra light LCD panels make the ProLine the lightest prompters in their class. The lightweight design eliminates the need for costly, heavy-duty tripods and offers significantly improved panning and tilt performance.

Need a free standing prompter also? Free-standing prompters don’t require mounting the camera on the teleprompter. With our Free Stand kit you can convert your ProLine in just minutes to a free-standing style teleprompter. To use just slide your camera on your existing tripod behind the prompter. Comes complete with two stands for seated and standing positions. Click here for a description of our ProLine Free Stand prompter.

Today’s high definition cameras demand equally high performance optics. The All models utilize exclusive UltraClear HD beamsplitter glass that uses ultra pure, low iron glass that eliminates the color shift and light loss found in many competitive products. To further improve performance we add an anti-reflection coating on the back of the glass to virtually eliminate reflections that can bounce back into the lens. For situations with high ambient light such as direct sunlight we offer a “High Bright” glass that offers 25% brighter viewing for the talent. We also offer our exclusive unbreakable acrylic beamsplitter for use in shock prone applications.

The ProLine offers the best software package FREE with each system. Included is both PC AND Mac versions for our industry leading Flip-Q teleprompter software. Flip-Q automatically “Flips” the secondary output on your laptop so both the operator and talent will see perfect reading left-right text. International customers will appreciate the Unicode support that supports any standard font as well as right to left reading languages. You can also choose to view Flip-Q in nine different languages so all screen buttons and help files are in your native language.

Use PowerPoint? Our exclusive PowerFlip software allows you to use your standard PowerPoint presentations and automatically flips the image for use with the ProLine9. This complete software bundle is shipped on a USB Flash drive and includes FREE lifetime upgrade support. To upgrade just plug in the USB drive, connect to the Internet and click “Upgrade”. To prompt simply plug in the USB flashdrive into any PC or Mac and start prompting

The ProLine standard LCD panels are the lightest weight, lowest profile designs in their class. In addition, they offer both VGA and composite video inputs adaptable with any computer output or application. They also offer flexible power options including 100-240V AC or external 12v DC input for use in the field without AC. There are also options for a reversing LCD and a high brightness 1800 nit LCD for use in direct sunlight.

Need a smaller prompter? Just purchase our DV kit to convert your ProLine to an ultra compact 10.4” prompter. Just slide off the existing 17” LCD and mirror assembly and slide on the DV LCD and mirror – takes just two minutes!


All mounting hardware
Riser for use with smaller cameras
60/40 Ultra clear beamsplitter mirror
Flip-Q Pro teleprompter software for PC and Mac
PowerFlip – reversing PowerPoint software
USB Flashdrive for system software
20 foot / 6m VGA extension cable
3 year warranty

The number (11,15, 17, 19) indicates inches of the LCD display.

Availability: Usually ships same/next day

Proline 11 Teleprompter (10.5″ LCD)

Our Price: $1,649!

Proline 15 Teleprompter (15″ LCD)

Our Price: $1,799!

Proline 17 Teleprompter (17″ LCD)

Our Price: $1,999!

Proline 19 Teleprompter (19″ LCD)

Our Price: $2,199!


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