ProMax Tracking Dolly System 15'

ProMax Tracking Dolly System 15'

To really add a new dimension include a Tracking Dolly. Our tracking dolly provides to and from or side to side motion that simply has no comparison. The dolly holds the tripod and crane and runs on the included PVC track. It runs on six super smooth high quality skateboard type wheels. These wheels are offset by 90 degrees, so they grab the track and smoothly roll over providing incredibly smooth dolly moves that are amazing to watch in your videos.
The tracking dolly has the advantage of all-terrain use. By using a track, you can create a smooth surface to run the dolly. We include 15 feet of 2” PVC track in six five foot sections. These are simple 2” PVC, so you can obtain as much more as you need when you need it at the local hardware store. The kit includes four inserts that can connect the six five foot sections that are included in the kit or any six foot sections that you buy at the hardware store. Tracking dollys are ideal for situations on grass, gravel, pavement, in the dirt or in the snow. The Tracking Dolly allows you to bring your own smooth surface with you wherever your shot takes you.

The Tracking Dolly provides smooth, stable, and flowing motion for incredible dolly shots. The Tracking Dolly is an excellent tool for creating awesome depth of field movements. Center your subject and roll the dolly back and you have a progressively wide movement. Center the shot and move the dolly closer for super sweet close-up shots.

The Tracking Dolly includes 15 feet of track that breaks down into 5 foot sections for travel or storage. Self centering, self aligning wheels and track. 12 bearings for super smooth camera motion just like in feature films.

Quick-lock tripod foot mounting for super fast setup and securing of a wide range of tripods with spiked feet.

Tracking Dolly System 15′
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  1. Michael 14 years ago

    Hi … Have you got detailed pictures of the pro max tracking dolly system that I could see? What’s the weight bearing limit of the dolly? It seems you ship to Australia but another dolly I bought out of the US would not be accepted into the country because of size restrictions. Can you check on this and maybe the best shipping cost? Are the tracks made of PVC? How tight are the joins? Thx. Mickey

  2. cseeman 14 years ago

    The Pro Max Tracking Dolly isn’t listed at all on the Pro Max site. The above info is scant to say the least. Is there any more info anywhere? Has it been discontinued? If so, do you have a suggested alternative?

  3. Guy 14 years ago

    We’ve put a full sized broadcast camera with jib arm and sand bags on the ProMax Tracking Dolly and rented it out to concert venues. It works amazingly well. Although my only complaint is that is is a little tough to push the PVC pipe together. We used it in the Podcast Episode called “Manfrotto Combi boom” see it here feed://
    We have the dolly in stock and ready to ship.

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