PromptDog and PromptPuppy teleprompting software

PromptDog and PromptPuppy teleprompting software

Whether you’re a spokesperson, teacher, CEO, video blogger or presidential candidate, you’ll find either PromptDog or PromptPuppy your best friend on the set. They’re both well-trained, well-mannered and great with children.

There are free downloadable trials of both PromptDog and PromptPuppy for Mac OS X, Windows XP & Vista, so, we’d like to prompt you to download one or both and try them yourself – promptly!

PromptDog is our high end, professional prompting software with power user features like a separate, synchronized Talent Window with a mirrored text option, a script editor with text colorization, search field, script timer and real-time estimated total read time, for only $59.95.

For more information, to download the PromptDog free trial or to purchase, click here.

(dvcPrompt! is discontinued, and we are very happy to say PromptDog, with the script timer, colorization, script saving and other new features is a FREE UPGRADE for all owners of dvcPrompt!  Just download and install PromptDog . . . and he’s ready to start prompting!)

PromptPuppy is our consumer version for less demanding situations, available for only $19.95.

For more information, to download the PromptPuppy free trial or to purchase, click here.

Happy prompting!


  1. spidvid 13 years ago

    This looks like something every Video creator must have!Gotta check this one out.

  2. martin 12 years ago

    I now use the prompt dog software and really rate it over the other solutions out there. Any plans of an affiliate programe in the future?

    • Josh 12 years ago

      Yes, send me a private message and we’ll get started!

  3. David Harbsmeier 12 years ago

    Has PromptDog been tested on WIndows 7? If so, will it install and run properly?


    • Smiley Katz 12 years ago

      Yes it will. A lot of Windows 7 users are currently using PromptDog.

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