Reflecmedia Microlite Kit

Reflecmedia Microlite Kit

Smaller than 52mm internal filter size? Try the new Microlite!

Reflecmedia 8’x8′ Curtain with green Microlite Litering

Reflecmedia Kit with 8’x8′ Chromatte background, Microlite LiteRing, Controller, Bag

Availability: Available now. Usually ships same or next business day!! Only Available in Green LED
Price: $1260.00


  1. Khalid 13 years ago

    Hi there
    I will like to buy the Reflecmedia Microlite Kit
    I am using Canon HV30 with wide angle lens .
    Can I use this Microlite Kit with my wide angle lens
    or do I have to take it out of HV30 if I want to use the Reflecmedia Microlite Kit?
    Is this kit will fit on the Tripod?
    Waiting for your reply.

    Your Sincerely

  2. Jesse 13 years ago

    Hi Khalid,
    Thanks for checking us out.
    The Microlite will not work with a wide angle lens made for the HV30. However, you shouldn’t need the wide angle lens with Reflecmedia, because you will need to have your camera (with litering) 10′ away from your subject for it to work it’s best anyway. Your camera’s wide zoom should be more than sufficient at this point.
    The Microlite is definitely a great investment for the HV30 user, and can yield some great results. We ourselves have used this very system with our Sony SR-11, which is very close in most respects to the HV30. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks,

  3. leon D'Souza 13 years ago


    I have a sony HDR XR200 handycam,will this fit my handycam. Can I Know Please



  4. David 13 years ago

    Hi, I am very interested in a chromakey “kit” light and portable.
    I would like to use the Sony SR-11 as a main camera and it matches perfectly your comments hereunder.

    However should buy also a chromamate for the floor and if yes which size ?

    Can I use two camera’s at the same time (with only one chromakey ring) ?

    Also what would be the charges to send this all equipment abroad (Switzerland) ?

    Thanks & regards

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