Sennheiser Wireless G2 Evolution

Sennheiser Wireless G2 Evolution
Sennheiser Evolution G2 Wireless Lavalier System

When you need freedom of movement in a scene, high-quality wireless microphones are the right choice of gear for the job. Say for instance you have a workout video you are shooting and the talent is moving from machine to machine while talking up the latest features in the products, unless you have a dedicated sound man with a mic on a boom pole, you’re going to get unusable audio. Wireless mics offer the ability to pick-up superb sound even in these type of demanding circumstances.

The Sennheiser Evolution G2 has an impressive 1440 channels of Frequency Auto Scanning. The system is nearly “bulletproof” producing noise-free transmissions with good clean sound.

The transmitter and receiver are both much smaller than the others on the market and made of solid metal, not cheap plastic, plus these have the backlit LCD read-out display. I especially like the VU meters on both the transmitter and the receiver. The meters even have peak hold!

Unlike other wireless receivers with the “velcro mount solution” the Sennheiser EK100G2 receiver mounts to the camera via the hot-shoe or via the included accessory, you can clip it to anything you wish.

Another awesome feature is called “Pilot squelch“. When enabled, this feature is sending a high-pitched tone at all times from the transmitter (it’s so high in frequency that not even dogs can hear it). If at any time this high-frequency tone is not picked up by the receiver, it automatically Mutes the channel- very cool.

Tip: If you’re thinking of going with a really inexpensive system, it may be better to rent than own. Consult your local rental house. If the shot is worth shooting with a $3,000 camera, the audio is easily worth another $600!

The unit ships with the high-quality ME2 lavalier microphone with both mini plug and XLR output cables. Also see the G2 ENG system below which is identical, but adds the optional plug-on transmitter which can be used to add to a handheld or shotgun mic.

We’ve noticed that these units will run approximately 8 hours on two standard AA batteries in both the transmitter and receiver. Tip: Always use fresh batteries for a new shoot.

Sennheiser Evolution G2 100 Series – Camera Mountable UHF Lavalier Wireless System with EW100G2 Receiver SK100G2 BodyPack Transmitter and ME2 Microphone (A 518-554MHz)

Availability: Discontinued.

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Sennheiser Evolution G2 ENG Wireless Lavalier System + Plug on Transmitter Same as above Evolution G2 Wireless lavalier system and adds SKP 100 G2 Plug on transmitter for use with handheld mic or shotgun. Note that you can only use either the plug-on transmitter or the lavalier, you can’t do both a wireless handheld and lavalier at the same time unless you have two receivers.We’re really excited about the ENG G2 Wireless system – this is exactly what the industry has needed for years. You can compare this system against anything up to $1200 and still find the G2 as the clear winner. Sennheiser Evolution ENG G2 100 Series – Camera Mountable UHF Lavalier Wireless System with EK100G2 Receiver, SK100G2 BodyPack Transmitter, and ME2 Microphone, plus SKP 100 G2 plug-on transmitter (A 518-554MHz)

Availability: Discontinued

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SKP 100 G2 for making handheld and shotguns mics wireless

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