Serious Magic DV Rack 2.0

Serious Magic DV Rack 2.0

DV Rack 2.0 SD

DV RACK 2.0 SD features 10 essential tools that help your shoot faster and get better results from your DV camera.

Designed to run on a laptop, DV Rack gives you an impressive array of production tools to help you shoot better and faster while saving you time and money.


Analyze, Continuity & More

Analyze your audio, check continuity between shots, and take advantage of DV Rack’s useful production tools to get the best quality video out of your camera.

Fix Audio Problems With DV Rack 2.0Fix Audio Problems
The Audio Spectrum Analyzer shows the volume and frequencies of your audio signal. Use it to achieve better microphone placement, recognize imperceptible background noise, and compare audio volume from one take to the next. The Audio Spectrum Analyzer will display your audio by frequency and indicate audio problems visually. Use this information to save your shoot and eliminate wasted time fixing bad audio in post.
Guarantee Scene Continuity
Continuity is simply making sure that everything, such as color, lighting and audio, matches from one scene to the next. When continuity doesn’t match, it can ruin an entire project and force a reshoot. DV Rack’s tools work together to catch continuity errors. Using the Split Screen and/or Onion Skin Mode, compare one clip to another and catch wandering microphones or changes in camera framing, brightness, and more. The waveform monitors and vectorscope also work in Split mode, so even subtle differences in color or brightness can be detected and corrected with ease.See Video Examples
Ensure Accurate Colors With DV Rack 2.0Ensure Accurate Colors
The Spectra 60 is a next-generation scope that bridges the gap between print/painting applications and live video. The Spectra 60 displays the numerical color value of any pixel in your video signal. This is extremely useful for comparing color values between, say, a printed logo done in Photoshop® and the logo on the wall behind a CEO being interviewed. The Spectra 60 can show color in RGB, HSV, even CMYK color space, making it easy to compare values with any type of graphic or print ad.
Guarantee Accurate Timing with DV Rack 2.0Guarantee Accurate Timing
DV Rack’s ShotClock timer/clock module features a stopwatch/event timer that counts up or down in video frames. It features a high visibility time-of-day production clock which can be automatically calibrated to the atomic clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory when connected to the Internet.
Create Storyboards with DV Rack 2.0Create Storyboards
The DV Grabber module captures and saves high resolution video stills direct from live video or DVR clips. It’s ideal for grabbing reference frames for client approval or storyboards. Capture images to standard JPG, BMP or PNG format. Save images to a file, the Windows clipboard, or directly to the DVR.
Objectively Calibrate Your Camera with DV Rack 2.0Objectively Calibrate Your Camera
DV Rack’s SureShot camera setup module walks you through a simple four step, wizard-like process to objectively calibrate your camera for the best possible quality in a given environment. It’s lightning fast and you don’t even need to know anything about waveforms or traditional scopes! SureShot works automatically by using the custom calibration charts specially printed on the camera setup cards included with DV Rack.
Flip Images Horizontally or Vertically
When using special 35mm lens adaptors, such as the Redrock M2, DV Rack allows the image in the Field Monitor to be flipped horizontally and/or vertically so you can correctly review your footage.

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