SignVideo ENG-44 Portable Mixer

SignVideo ENG-44 Portable Mixer

The ENG-44 mixer has more important features than any other ENG audio mixer in its price class, and offers superb sound mixing quality, backed by our guaranteed ENG mixer specs. The ENG44 portable audio mixer is also compact, rugged, light weight, reliable and easy to use– strap it over your shoulder or use it table top for complete hands on sound control– on location or anywhere else. The ideal ENG mixer for video production.

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ENG-44 Audio Mixer Features

* Four mic/line XLR audio inputs
* Expandable- Gang two or more ENG-44 mixers together for 8, 12 or more mic/line inputs
* Each mic/line input serviced by its own:
o Gain control pot (volume control)
o Switchable 48 volt phantom power
o Switchable low frequency roll off filter (low cut filter)
o Pan switch (left-center-right)
o Mic/line level switch
* Master Gain control
* Compressor/limiter with indicator light
* Mix buss input via 1/8″ jack
* Front panel slate mic with momentary push button for fail safe press-and-release voice slating
* Reference tone (1KHz tone oscillator)
* Switchable tape return input (for monitoring to confirm that audio is actually being recorded to tape)
* Tape return level adjust
* Balanced left and right channel XLR outputs
* Auxiliary 1/8″ unbalanced mic level stereo output jack
* Mixer main headphone output on 1/8″ jack with volume control
* Boom mic operator headphone out on XLR jack
(This eliminates need to carry a spare cable with 1/4″ plugs. Rely on the spare xlr cable you’re already carrying and carry a spare 1/4″ to xlr adapter)
* Power on/off switch
* Automatic battery/external power switching
* Battery and external power LED indicator lights
* Battery indicator flashes when battery life falls below 20%
* Slide out battery compartment for quick and easy battery changes
* Extended battery life– 14 hours of normal mixer operation conditions
* External power jack for use with AC adapter
* Mixer fully protected against battery or external input reverse voltage
* AC adapter included
* Rugged aluminum shoulder strap ears and attachable/adjustable shoulder strap
* Left and right channel LED audio VU meters
* Brightness switch for audio VU meters- switch to High for viewing in direct sunlight
* Left and right channel balanced XLR audio outputs
* Rugged anodized aluminum chassis
* Made in USA
* One year warranty

SignVideo ENG-44 Portable Mixer
Availability: Usually ships same/next business day
Price: $529.00


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