Skycrane Jr.

Skycrane Jr.

Skycrane Jr.

Video and film are presented on a 2 dimensional surface. A TV screen, computer screen or projection screen are flat. So it’s up to you to make your imagery as three dimensional as possible. One way to do this is with light and shadow. Another way is by moving the camera through or around your scene.

Most professional-looking video shots take place on a tripod, with minimal or no camera movement. Simply rotating the camera on the tripod is called “panning”, which is like looking left and right with your head.

But simple panning does not change the relationship between foreground and background objects. That is, if a person is seated behind another person, panning will not reveal the person hidden behind.

That’s why moving camera shots are so interesting. You can move a camera on a dolly, but it’s bumpy. So you can lay down dolly tracks, but usually that’s too much trouble. You can handhold a camera, but then you have the shaky “Blair Witch” effect. There are camera stabilizers out there, but the good ones are expensive…

But we did recently find something very cool- the SkyCrane Jr.! It is two lengths of metal that go on your tripod legs and moves your camcorder from 9 ft. high to near the ground in one smooth, sweeping motion.

This unit, technically called a ‘jib arm’, will also do a big pan, moving the camera through the air. You can also tilt the camera up or down from your position behind the tripod.

The reason we’re so excited about this unit is that this one is not wobbly at all. When making a move, the camera remains solid, moving smoothly and coming to rest gracefully due to some resistance engineered in by the inventor. Also, the SkyCrane Jr replaces your tripod head, instead of mounting on your tripod head that it more likely to cause damage to the head.

We are using the SkyCrane Jr on several shoots and the effect of a swooping camera shot on a subject or product is incredible- and unattainable any other way. Because you can tilt the camera while craning, you can keep your subject in the frame even when going from above them to below them.

The Skycrane Junior Specifications, Features and Accessories

Boom length: 8′

Boom sections: Two 4′ sections

Construction: Steel

Finish: Textured, baked on, powder coating

Color: Matte Black

Movements: One Cable on ball bearings

Turnbuckles: 1

Trim weight: 1lbs. External

Mounting system: Ball bearing Vector head, mounts to standard tripod

Mounting size: 3/8″x16 stud

Maximum boom elevation: 11′-12′

Tripod recommended: Bogen 3051 or 3061

Ground level shots: Yes

Maximum camera weight: 8 lbs.

Optional Items:
Monitor mount, wired remote controller, counter weights, tripod

Accessories: LCD monitor mount $44.95, Drive lever counterweight bar $14.95, XL-1 Adapter Plate $12.95, Adjustable sliding camera mount $24.95, Velcro Jib Wraps $5.95 (each).

Weight: (no camera) 18 lbs.

Shipping weight: 22 lbs.

Skycrane Jr.
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