solutions to tape capture problems with Final Cut

solutions to tape capture problems with Final Cut

Here are some potential problems that you may encounter while capturing, and some possible solutions.

If you have a problem not mentioned here, the best way to solve it is to “troubleshoot” the problem. Troubleshooting is a process where you change variables, usually one at a time, to pinpoint the problem. Here’s a helpful article on troubleshooting.

Tape Capture Problems and Possible Solutions

• Problems with your capturing device:

If you are having trouble capturing footage, whether it a “dropped frames” or “broken timecode” warning, try using the same device that you shot the footage with, instead of your deck or a different camcorder. In many cases, this will solve the problem.

• Problems capturing to an external FireWire drive:

If you’re using external Firewire drives with your Final Cut Pro system, you may find them problematic- they may drop frames, or lock up your system.

In this case, try capturing to your internal drive, then move those clips to your firewire drive if you need to to make room.

• If your capture device is not recognized:

If your camera or deck is turned on and connected to your computer, but isn’t recognized by FCP, try this fix:

Go to the View Menu, and choose External Video, All Frames.

If that doesn’t work, try changing the order in which you turn on your camera and computer – if turning on the camera after the computer isn’t working, try turning the camera and connecting it first.

• QuickTime compatibility issues:

Sometimes a QuickTime reinstall of the latest version will help resolve capture issues.

Navigate to your Library folder, then Receipts on your main drive (not from your personal folder).

Remove all files of the form QuickTime*.pkg, where “*” is a version number. E.g. QuickTime701.pkg, QuickTime712.pkg, or Quicktime714.pkg. This simply tells your system that those packages are not installed.

Go to and click on the “download Quicktime” link. DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATIC UPDATE UTILITY. Download QuickTimeInstallerX.dmg. Double click this file (probably on your desktop) and then invoke the installer by double clicking QuickTime701.pkg.

After your computer reboots, you should be able to restart Final Cut and see your camera.

• Mac OS X compatibility issues:

Sometimes after you upgrade your operating system, you may find that something that used to work in the past has suddenly stopped working.

Our advice: If everything is working great, and you’re in the middle of a project, never update the OS (you can always update later)!

If you have some capture advice that we should add to this list, please email us!