Steadicam Pilot

Steadicam Pilot

The Steadicam Pilot

A new version of the PILOT™ system has been introduced. Through a strategic alliance with IDX System Technology Inc., this new system is shipped with two (2) E-7S batteries and a special version of the VL Dual 60 Watt charger. Through this arrangement a special system price is offered that is very beneficial to the Steadicam user.

The PILOT™ with IDX battery system provides the user with a complete system. Through the addition of the users camera and a SteadiSTAND or similar balance stand the unit is ready to use. The IDX E-7S battery is based on the V-Lock mounting system and will provide power for the on board monitor and any optional accessories. Should the camera have a 12 volt input or a converter for 7.2 Volt operation the IDX battery has sufficient capacity to power both the camera, monitor and accessories. The special VL Dual charger is only available with this STEADICAM® PILOT™ system. It provides sequential charge for two batteries. The charger and batteries are not available as a separate option. Specific battery operation parameters may be found at

The PILOT™ 2-10 pound weight range will work with a wide array of cameras. This new Battery System feature is in addition to the Pilot’s other advanced capabilities.

The new Steadicam Pilot is a state of the art, lightweight stabilizer system designed especially for the modern breed of lightweight cameras from 2 to 10 pounds. Video professionals need add only battery and camera of choice as all other required system components are provided for normal operation. The Optional SteadiStand™ or Turtle Base “C” Stand, required for Steadicam balance and operation, fits neatly in the available soft carry case.
The Steadicam Pilot is designed with a lightweight Iso-elastic Arm and ultra low profile vest, lightweight sled with CarbonLite expandable post, upgradeable color 3.5” LCD Monitor, low mass gimbal and offers advanced features/benefits with low cost for the Video Professional.

The Iso-Elastic™ arm is a two-section, articulated, design that can be adjusted while supporting the camera. With this patented, unique design, the Steadicam operator can smoothly and effortlessly raise or lower the arm throughout its 28 inch boom range. The iso-elastic arm is also non-reactive – improving vertical stability and control in all operating conditions, from lock-offs to fast running shots over rough terrain.

The 3.5” LCD monitor is standard and provides good contrast from dark to light situations. The monitor weight and location on the sled assures the operator perfect balance and ease of operation. Utilizing a proven Low Mass Gimbal the operator has the ability to capture the fluid movement that only Steadicam can provide. No-tools precision camera stage establishes a solid base for the camera and facilitates smooth adjustment ease from side to side plus fore and aft. The monitor is upgradeable to a 5.8” – 16:9 version.

The Carbonlite expandable post and interface to the stage form a solid bond to assure no jitter in the picture as the operator captures those unique scenes. The stage plate is indexed so that the camera can be re-moved and re-mounted without the need to re-adjust the balance. The stage can be easily accessorized with focus motor mount, additional connectors or dovetail type camera plate.

The sled boasts a true three axis gimbal and is equipped with counter weights for balance and positionable monitor, gimbal and battery mounts. Counterweights are provided for balance

The Pilot sled compacts down by removing the lower cross tube.

The Pilot’s ultra lightweight, low profile vest is designed to provide complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots. No-tools adjustments make it easy to adjust on the “fly”.

12 volt battery pack options are: “AA” battery pack, V-lock or Anton Bauer.

Complete systems available

Unique Features:
• Lightweight Iso-elastic arm with 28″ boom
• New low profile designed vest
• Professional tool-free 3-axis gimbal
• CarbonLite expandable center post
• Positionable Monitor, Gimbal and Battery Mounts
• Lightweight
• Affordable cost

Price: $3,695.99


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