Steady Stick

Steady Stick
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Steady Stick by Tiffen

As an inexpensive camera stabilizer the Steady Stick works great in taking the load off. Especially with larger cameras like the Canon XL2. Anyone who has shot with a heavy camera, or even a light camera for an extended period time knows how fatigued you can get no matter how strong you feel from the get go. If you need to be moving around and can’t use a tripod, the Steady Stick makes a great addition to your bag of tricks. I especially like fact that you can raise up and shoot over the crowd. It’s worth it just for that! Swinging up and down allows you to get some crane like shots. I even tried spinning in an office chair and moving from overhead to mid-level for some very cool jib looking shots.

The Steady Stick has an adjustable belt with a holster that you insert the rod into. From there you can loosen one knob and raise up. Another brilliant feature is the coupler which allows you to disconnect from the Steady Stick quickly. The only thing I don’t like is there is no tripod screw on the bottom to attach the whole unit onto a tripod, so to go back to your tripod, you’ll have to give yourself time to twist the knob and unscrew the base plate, only about 10 seconds actually.

Overall this is a great product – even if you just use it for a shoulder adapter on a smaller camera like a Canon GL2 or as a monopod. However, the biggest benefit is if you’re shooting for long amounts of time or need to get overhead, steady, or creative shots. The unit is very well made of heavy duty aluminum & flexible high-strength engineering plastic.

Everything you see attached to the SteadyStick in the video is included (except the camera!) Adjustable Belt (max. 44″), handle, quick release coupler. An excellent value!

SteadyStick by Tiffen

Availability: Usually ships same/next dayList price $179.95

Our Price: $99.00!

SteadyStick camcorder stabilizer from Guy Cochran on Vimeo.


  1. Matt Hartman 16 years ago

    The Steady Stick works great. I do outdoor and fishing shoots where I have to be on my feet for sometimes 16 hours with an XL1-S for 4-5 days at a run. These shoots sometimes require that I have to wade knee deep in streams and rivers with nowhere to set the camera down or rest. Before I had the Steady Stick I my back wrist and shoulder would be totally fatigued and in pain by day 2. By Day 4 I would have a hard time even keeping the camera upright. Now with the steady stick, I can shoot longer and come out of the shoot pain free. It’s comfortable and adjusts nicely to suit your body. I would recommend it to anyone who has long shooting days in tough conditions.

  2. LarryKuhl 16 years ago

    I have lost the positing lug in the camera connector on my “Steady Stick”. Where would I be able to order this part?
    It is turning all around , than you
    Larry Kuhl

  3. Mark Henry 16 years ago

    This is a great concept but be warned it can be ackward if you do not have a flip out LCD panel. Using it w/ my XL1s, I can not comfortably put my eye on the eye piece. It sits to far out too the side forcing the user to twist their entire body slightly sideways to see through the finder. If you have an LCD, this should work great. If, like me, you are on a Canon where you rely on a tight fit between the eyepiece and your face, it may not be the best option.

  4. Mac 15 years ago

    Can I use this Steady Stick for Sony FX-1 camcorder?

  5. menke 15 years ago


    Will the steady stick work on other dv camera’s aswell? Like a Pannasonic dvx100 and sony hdv Z1, what kind of connection does it have?

    thank you so far

    Menke Visser

  6. guy 15 years ago

    The Steady Stick will easily handle any camera up to 15 pounds. It uses a standard tripod 1/4″-20 screw.

  7. Gints Klimanis 14 years ago

    I see the Steady Stick Pro in your eBay store. Is it possible to remove the shoulder mount part so that the “Pro” version can also be the “Compact” version when needed?

  8. Jason Darnieder 14 years ago

    Got to say I bought it, mod it with a new heavy duty bolt but I rarely use it. Still a great tool for ENG on the go…

  9. Clint 14 years ago

    I’m not quite clear: Is this model you’re selling the SteadyStick Compact or the SteadyStick Pro?


    Clint Hayes

    • Guy 14 years ago

      That is a SteadyStick Compact

  10. Erik Veigård 13 years ago

    I live in Norway and would like to buy this item, the Steady Stick by Tiffen. But when I try to order I am told the shipping method cannot deliever to my adress. Do you ship outside the US? And if so, how I am to go about?

    Thanks, Erik Veigård

  11. Joey Nguyen 13 years ago

    I had a Panasonic 3cd about 20lb camera will the steady stick support-the weight??

  12. John Eldon 13 years ago

    Hi !
    I am interested in the Steady Stick for my new Sony EX1. Would it be suitable for this camera and which model (ie. Pro or not) would be best. I live in the UK and is it possible to get one sent over to Europe.
    Many thanks, John

    • Guy 13 years ago

      Thanks for your question. The Pro Version is only for Full Sized 20lb+ Broadcast cameras. The $99 compact is all you need and everything is included.

  13. Burak Serbest 13 years ago


    I have Panasonic AG-HPX171. ?s your product suitable for AG-HPX171. Also if ? want to order it for TURKEY which shipping choice ? need to choose and how much the shipping will be cost for TURKEY?

    Thank you.

  14. Clément Jouffre 13 years ago

    Can I use the SteadyStick with little cameras like the JVC Everio GZ-MG Series ?
    How much will be the carriage costs for France ?

    • Guy 13 years ago

      Sure, it works great with small camcorders. I use it with the Sony SR11. Around $37 shipping to France.

  15. lance j. reha 13 years ago

    Looks great, the only issue I see, what if someone is a 44 or bigger waist?

  16. Steve 10 years ago

    Nice Product.
    I use a JVC GY-HM Pro 750 Shoulder rig.
    I have noticed that your pricing is quite a bit lower than the Amazon or Tiffen website. is this the same product and how do I purchase one.
    How does it mount to my camera?
    Thanks & the video was great,

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