Tascam DR-680 8 Channel Recorder

Tascam DR-680 8 Channel Recorder

TASCAM’s DR-680 brings multi-channel portable recording within reach of any musician for polished live, location and surround recordings. Up to eight tracks can be recorded to solid-state SD card media at 96kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV quality. Six mic inputs provide phantom power and 60dB of gain for great-sounding recordings with your condenser microphones. Record the six microphones along with a digital S/PDIF source for 8 track recording. Each mic input has a selectable low cut filter and analog limiter for optimal sound.

Inputs can be monitored using a built-in mixer with level and pan controls for each input. The stereo mixdown can even be recorded along with the six mics for quick stereo playback of the event. There’s even a built-in speaker to check recordings without headphones.

In addition to WAV recording up to 96kHz, the DR-680 captures stereo audio at 192kHz/24-bit for audiophile-quality masters. The DR-680 records up to four channels of MP3 audio for web-ready recordings. Two of the recorders can be connected with a cascade cable for up to 16-track recording on battery power.

Multi-channel portable recording has never been as simple or affordable as the TASCAM DR-680.

Also available from TASCAM, the HS-P82 offers multi-channel recording with timecode, more recording tracks, color touch screen interface, multi-channel digital I/O and more.

Tascam DR-680

Availability: Usually ships same/next day

Price: $999


  1. Keiran 13 years ago

    Cool toy.

    How many batteries does it take and how long does it last?

    Why the HECK are we still dealing with 1 SD card?

    Why couldn’t they make this with a CF card? SDHC will be superceded in a few months and within about a year, SDHC cards will probably start becoming hard to find.

    This device has a short future because the recording media they chose is limited by flighty technology standards.

    If they can get a device that has one recording slot PER audio Channel, then they will finally be up to true professional standards. And will finally be worth the $1000 price tag.

    Seems to be very slightly superior to the edirol device.

    The fact that they list ‘color LCD screen’ as a feature and offer a FREE 16GB SD card (a $20 dollar value!) is pedantic and laughable.

    For the 12 dollars it probably costs for them to buy bulk SD cards, it would have been so much better if they had just put those 12 dollars into additional Card reader devices. At the manufacturing level, those devices are only a dollar or two each.

    Tascam is so out of touch with the needs of serious consumers. Which is sad since only serious consumers are likely to fork out 1000 bucks US for a device that probably has a materials cost of around $45 US.

  2. floop 13 years ago

    I’m not sure what Keiran is upset about. It has 6 balanced preamp inputs and can record each one to a separate track.

    It has 50% more analog inputs than the r-44 for what, $200 more? plus the ability to record 2 more from digital input or downmix to another stereo track at the same time.

    Seems like a pretty awesome bargain for indy production work. Especially with dslr productions. Buy up media cards now and they’ll still be good in “about a year”, so theorizing about how it might become less useful in the future is pretty pointless.

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