The iPad 1 & 2 for Digital Visualmakers – Blog – NeedCreative

The iPad 1 & 2 for Digital Visualmakers – Blog – NeedCreative

The IPad 1 & 2 For Digital Visualmakers

by Paul Antico – via The iPad 1 & 2 for Digital Visualmakers – Blog – NeedCreative.

I’ll admit it up front: I love Apple products. I find the elegance in their use and design, the software and hardware integration, their near ubiquitousness in the Creative community, and the just plain “cool” factor of owning Apple products very satisfying. However, in the end what makes me most attracted to Apple products is that for the most part they “just work”. After having struggled with Windows based products for years or electronics from other companies that I spent more time troubleshooting than actually using, Apple is a nice respite from that tedious experience.

So it makes sense that last year when iPad 1 came out, I bought it on day one. You can see some of my thoughts after using it for a summer here. And when iPad 2 was released on March 11 of 2011, I braved the 600+ person crowd at the Salem NH Apple Store for 6 hours to pick a couple up. This is not necessarily another iPad 2 review, however. It’s more of a look of how the iPad (1 or 2) can benefit you, the NeedCreative reader, focusing on the latest hardware just released from Apple.

You see, you can do a ton of “average joe” things with iPad (either generation) from emailing to both casual and intense gaming, streaming Netflix to video chatting. However for I believe iPad offers even more for Digital Visualmakers (i.e., photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers who use digital tools). The iPad can become an essential tool in your arsenal. And it starts with a critical thing that has driven many independent filmmakers towards HDSLRs in the first place: portability and size.

via The iPad 1 & 2 for Digital Visualmakers – Blog – NeedCreative.


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