The Sony UWP-V6 Wireless System with Lavalier and Plug on Transmitter

The Sony UWP-V6 Wireless System with Lavalier and Plug on Transmitter

The Sony UWP Series UHF synthesized wireless microphone system. Package includes a lavalier microphone, bodypack transmitter, plug-on transmitter and a portable tuner. Mounting adapter for camcorder included. Channels 30 to 33. The UWP-V6 includes extremely robust metal construction, mic/line input selection on the bodypack and plug-on transmitters, a miniature metal body omni-directional lav microphone and plus the receiver includes a convenient auto channel scanning function allowing automatic search for unoccupied channels.

Consists of a omni lavalier microphone, bodypack transmitter, plug-on transmitter and portable tuner

Suitable for a wide range of applications, from news gathering and interviews to talk shows and conferences

The bodypack transmitter is supplied with a belt clip

The lavalier microphone is supplied with a windscreen and mic holder clip

The plug-on transmitter can be used to convert an XLR type wired microphone into a wireless microphone

The tuner is supplied with a shoe-mount adaptor (for camcorder mounting) and 2 cables (3-pole mini-plug/XLR and 3-pole mini-plug/stereo mini-plug)

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Also available, the Sony UWP-V6 Wireless system without the plug-on transmitter.

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  1. Marko 14 years ago

    Can I use the plug on and bodypack at the same time?

  2. Jesse 14 years ago

    No, as with the Sennheiser G2 wireless systems, you must choose between the two. This is a very solid wireless system regardless though, with many pros and cons to the Sennheiser.

  3. IVan 13 years ago

    He can you tell me if you can plug the mic transmitter on to a mixtable to record the sound wireless to the camera instead plugin the transmitter in a wired mic.??

    • Jakeman3 13 years ago

      Are you asking if you can attach the transmitter to the output of a audio mixing board or press box so you can have a wireless connection between the camera/receiver and the mixing board? The answer is probably yes. Becareful that the signal from the board isn’t too loud. You may need to attentuate the signal. I can do it with my Sennheiser system but I have a XLR to 1/8″ adapter with a line/mic switch & volume controls.

    • Zack 13 years ago

      Hi, yea if you are using a 3-pin male xlr output then it should work fine.

  4. MartinX 13 years ago

    Ivan: These Sony transmitters have a switch so the transmitter can accept a mic input (as you would expect) or a line input. I purchased one of these two days ago and will use it to plug an auditorium’s sound system into (via RCA plugs, using a RCA to 3.5mm cable) the transmitter so I can capture all the audio to camera. If your mixtable has line out, I would expect it would work for you.

  5. Ivan 13 years ago

    He Wow !!! I could’nt find any information abouth this issue in the specifications on other internetsites but this is realy great news !! Many peaople who have this product are just using it for the the purpose as discribed so could’nt tell me if it is possible because hav’nt tryed it out, but this future makes this product more interesting to buy because of his mulit purpose.You can make any wired mic wireless and record it to the camera and you can use it as a transmitter to capture the audio signal from your mixer wireless to your cam.
    If want to bee free to move and still have good qaulity audio recording this is the solution i think.There is nothing more frustraiting than being attached to a cable.

  6. steen donsby 11 years ago

    Hi, will the microphone also work when plugged directly into a small portable recorder supplying only PiP (i.e. Olympus LS-10)?

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