Tiffen DFX Digital Filter Suite

Tiffen DFX Digital Filter Suite

Tiffen Dfx suite represents a major technological breakthrough and introduces a new and exciting way of unleashing ones creative use of filters into the digital environment. Tiffen Dfx offers the user an extensive simulated optical experience expanding and complimenting Tiffen’s optical filter range, blurring the lines between traditional and digital workflow.

Tiffen Dfx software offers something for everyone, whether photo enthusiast, professional photographer, cinematographer or editor—anyone who wants precision control over their images.

Dfx digital filter suite offers precision adjustments over its range of effects that cannot be approached by any other digital filter software. It enables the user to be introduced to glass filters looks which they may previously have not had the opportunity to use or own, or were unable to use at the time of shooting. So adding in post with the full knowledge that the look they are trying to apply can be simply recalled by Dfx filter environment.

A complete edition includes the most comprehensive array today, emulating more than 1,000 varied effects and gels, from factory pre-sets or custom effects, providing total creative and technical control with the most comprehensive and user-friendly filter-effect palette available today.

Tiffen DFX Plug in for Final Cut Pro

Price: $599.95
Usually Ships Same or Next Business Day


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