Ultimatte DV Chroma Keyer

Ultimatte DV Chroma Keyer


The Ultimatte DV is a huge timesaver! Forget having to Render – it’s done! Real-Time chroma key made simple! Feed your Camera into the Foreground input, an S-Video signal into the Background input – what you see out of the Output is your final composite!
We’ve beeen using an inexpensive DVD player as our Background source. Simply burn a DVD with your still images or animated backgrounds and you’re done.

The true beauty of the Ultimatte is being able to adjust your framing and lighting to make the scene appear real. Say for instance you have a window in your Background image. Simply place a light in about the same location to light your foreground subject and all of the sudden it looks like they are really there.

Yes the Ultimatte is DV, so you won’t be able to do HD output, but it is still great for “pre-viz.” Use the Ultimatte to see what your final composite will look like. So you’ll still have to record to tape and use a software keyer such as Serious Magic, After Effects, Shake or your editing app.

For schools, I can see the Ultimatte as a great tool for live broadcasts. Want to put students in front of any landmark – easy! Want to put the talent in a high-end newsroom? No problem! In a museum or mansion? Think of how much money you’ll save in set construction or rentals.

The Ultimatte lets you know immediately if your scene is going to work or not. If you want to save time in post, this is the best way – don’t get to post only to learn that your badly lit footage is unusable.

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Ultimatte DV
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  1. Patti Linting 13 years ago

    We are interested in purchasing the Ultimatte DV for our Electronic Table Line of products.
    Can we purchase direct from you, or do you have a distributor that we can deal with?
    Also can we set up an account with you for our purchasing needs?

    Please advise
    Patti Linting
    Supply Chain Mgr

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