US online video usage surges | News | Rapid TV News

US online video usage surges | News | Rapid TV News

Bouncing back from a slip in February, online video usage in the US is on the rise according to new research from The Nielsen group.

The survey for March 2011 showed that total video streams also increased 7% to 14.5 billion streams. There were in all 144.2 million unique online video users, a 3.6% rise year on year. These users spent on average 4:41 minutes watching each stream, an 8% increase in terms of time per viewer. There were on average 1000.8 streams per viewer, a 3.3% increase.

Not surprisingly, YouTube was the leading online video brand with 111.86 million unique viewers with second placed VEVO some way behind with 33.3 million unique video viewers. Next were the newly content enhanced Facebook with 31.9 million viewers and growth stand out (11.1% in the month) Yahoo! with 26 million viewers.

Yet despite the impressive growth performance from Yahoo!, Nielsen calculated that the fastest-growing platform among the top brands, and new to the top 10 during March 2011, was CNN Digital Network with a 60% increase in unique U.S. video viewers. The platform also saw the largest month-over-month growth in streams (+128%), mostly due to picking up streaming coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

In terms of total streams, the top ten was YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, MSN, Yahoo!, Netflix, Turner SI, Facebook, the aforementioned CNN and MTV.

YouTube topped the chart with 8.1 billion streams with second-placed Hulu an order of magnitude behind with 810 million; VEVO in third place accounted for less than half of VEVO’s. In terms of growth, showing significant gains in streams over the month were Netflix (+28%), MTV Music Networks (+25%), VEVO and Yahoo (+21%).

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