Video to Film Transfer FAQ

Video to Film Transfer FAQ

Tips on shooting DV with film output in mind:

  • Choose your tape-to-film transfer house before you roll tape. Consult with them and use the settings they recommend for your DV camcorder- interlaced/non-interlaced, shutter speed, etc.

Have feature films been shot on DV?

  • Yes! Click here for a list of feature films shot on DV.

How much does it cost to transfer video to film?

  • Around $325 per minute for shorts, $20K – $50K for a feature film.

Should I process my video with a film look plug-in, add grain and so on before transferring to film?

  • No, your video footage will naturally take on film characteristics when transferred to film.

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Video to Film FAQ

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  1. Damian 14 years ago

    Hi, I need to transfer a 30 second footage. Could you be so kind to tell me where can I do it? If possible somewhere, where they charge around $325 as you mentioned. thanks much

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