Warmcards 2.0

Warmcards 2.0

Warmcards 2.0

Why should you have to settle for an ordinary white balance when it’s so easy to get the warmer and richer images that clients and audiences prefer? For professional cameramen, videographers, and digital photographers a “true” white balance is rarely acceptable any more.

The WarmCards White Balance Reference System is a sophisticated set of white balance cards that make it easy to get a warmer white balance, and then to keep the “warm balance” consistent throughout the shoot — with exact precision. WarmCards are the fastest, easiest, and most consistent way of manipulating your camera’s white balance to improve skin tones and eliminate the cold electronic look that CCDs provide.

WarmCards work with all professional TV/video cameras, most digital cameras, all lenses, and are as easy to use as an ordinary white card. With several different grades of warming to select from, the WarmCards System gives you exacting control over the color balance of your camera.

Once you’ve seen the difference WarmCards can make, you’ll probably never use an ordinary white balance ever again. Clients love the warm look!

The concept of white balancing is relatively new for still photographers, but television cameramen have been using WarmCards for years. In fact, WarmCards are used regularly on just about every network news magazine, nightly news program, and all the major cable channels.

If you watch TV, you’ve seen the effects of WarmCards in action. Literally thousands of television cameraman, videographers, and digital photographers around the world use WarmCards every day because they have proven themselves to be an indispensable tool for high-end video production and digital photography.

Without WarmCards, cheating the white balance is difficult to control and risky. If you rely on crude hit-or-miss warming methods, you’ll likely end up with unpredictable results that can’t easily be repeated or matched with other shots. WarmCards have been engineered to provide an easy and consistent method of shifting the white balance no matter where you shoot, when you shoot, or who is doing the shooting.

For video editors, WarmCards can save a lot of time color correcting and enhancing your footage in post. And remember, any changes that you have to make to your footage will always add to the time it takes to render. That’s why it’s always preferable to shoot the video as close to perfect as you can.

For photographers, WarmCards can save hours of painstaking work color correcting and matching colors with Photoshop.

WarmCards make it simple and easy for anyone to get a warmer white balance, and then to keep the white balance consistent with precision.

WarmCards are strong and durable. They won’t get bent, folded, dirty, faded, or dog eared, under rugged everyday use in the field. They are 100% waterproof, easily wiped clean, and the matte finish reduces reflections while white balancing. Every set of WarmCards includes a carrying case.

Who uses
Cameramen like WarmCards because they are easy to use, and give predictable warming effects.

Bean counters like WarmCards because they cost less than one glass filter — and they work with all cameras and lenses.

Traveling television field producers like them because they ensure consistency from different crews.

Photographers like them because they present a professional image to the client.

TV News photographers like them because they don’t need a monitor to know what the results will be.

Hand-held cameramen like WarmCards because they are durable and can fit in a pocket.

On-camera talent and models like them because they improve skin tone.

News magazine producers like them because they give their shows a consistent “look”.

Directors like them because they make matching multiple cameras a snap.

Lighting directors like them because they eliminate the need for “warming” gels on the lights.

Sports/Nature cameramen like them because they provide a “golden hour” look throughout the day.

Corporate producers like WarmCards because they make interviews look like a network news magazine.

Directors of photography like them because they don’t take up a slot in the matte box like a glass warming filter does.

Editors like WarmCards because they save wasted time color correcting/matching footage in post.

Clients and audiences like them because of the beautiful video they help you create.

Photographers like them because they save hours of wasted time adjusting colors on the computer.

Warmcards 2.0 Kit

Kit contains:
The WarmCards 2.0 System:
(Recommended for TV cameramen and videographers)

* (1) full-size 6″x10″ Warm-1 Card
* (1) full-size 6″x10″ Warm-2 Card
* (1) full-size 6″x10″ Warm-3 Card
* (1) pocket-size 3″x4″ Warm-1 mini-Card
* (1) pocket-size 3″x4″ Warm-2 mini-Card
* (1) pocket-size 3″x4″ Warm-3 mini-Card

* Normal white reference on backside of all cards
* A heavy-duty zippered carrying case
* Matte finish on all cards to eliminate reflections
* A convenient WarmCards lanyard for carrying the cards
* Grommet holes in each card for hanging by lanyard

All WarmCards are fully water waterproof, rigid, washable,
and will hold up to rugged use in the field.

Availability: Usually ships same/next day
Price: $90.00


  1. Steve Brame 15 years ago

    My only problem is the size of the cards. Using a DVX100 or similar, even if you are shooting a talking head and you place the card just in front of the subject’s face, you generally can’t zoom in enough to fill the screen with the card. This necessitates moving the camera closer for the time required to perform the white balance, then move it back to it’s mark. I’ve seen many move the card closer to the camera to fill the frame, but this takes the card out of the specific lighting that you are balancing to.
    Make the cards bigger…and they’ll be perfect.

  2. Jason Darnieder 15 years ago

    This warm cards system works great for a good price!!!

  3. Wayne LeFevre 14 years ago

    Confused. Which is included? The cards in the picture, or the cards in the description? They’re different…

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