Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #2: Restoring Audio or Video parts of edited clips

Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #2: Restoring Audio or Video parts of edited clips

Q: I’ve deleted the audio, or video portion of a clip in my Final Cut Pro timeline. But now I want it back. What is the Warp Speed Workflow™ way?

It’s called “Match Frame and Replace.” Click to watch the movie.

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  1. Daniel Serrano 16 years ago

    very cool and handy tip, thanks.

  2. Wallace Braud 16 years ago

    Thanks for the great tip. Does this work if the targeting arrows have disappeared from the timeline? THANKS, again.

  3. Josh 16 years ago

    The targeting tabs depend on the clip loaded in the Viewer. So yes, after you press “F”, the tabs will be there.

  4. Robert 14 years ago

    This is SO incredibly helpful! Thank you for doing this!

  5. Matt 13 years ago

    WOW. This just saved me so much time. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Derek 13 years ago

    Wow. Fantastic. Thank you so much. VERY helpful.

  7. Aaron 13 years ago

    Great workflow! what if I wanted to use a soundtrack-sweetend audio track different from the original master clip?

    • Josh 13 years ago

      Match frame only works with the original audio.

  8. Josh (a different one) 13 years ago

    Josh: you just saved my A**!!! thank you so much – what i thought was going to take all day to manually re-attach the audio using the time-code and in & out points; just took me 10 minutes on a 30 minute scene! i don’t often say this.. but…. OMG! life saver…

  9. Shirin 12 years ago

    Thanks so much. S

  10. Shirin 12 years ago

    Sorry am I missing something? When I press f10 nothing happens. I just get the volume control button showing up?

    • Josh 12 years ago

      You need to set your keyboard shortcuts as detailed in Final Cut Pro Foundations – set them up ato use F1-F12 as function keys.

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