Warp Speed Workflow #6: First Look: Motion Tracker in Motion 3

Warp Speed Workflow #6: First Look: Motion Tracker in Motion 3

Click the screenshot to watch a first look at the new motion tracking behaviors in Motion 3.

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  1. jung kyoung ho 16 years ago

    thanks, great

  2. Philip Allen 15 years ago

    Great demo! Let’s see more. How about more from Soundtrack Pro.

  3. R Robinson 15 years ago

    Other (automatic, even) motion tracking and analysis, done on a Mac, TEN years ago:


  4. Nathan Apffel 15 years ago

    Nice work! That will be a huge timesaver!

  5. Norm Bearrentine 15 years ago

    Great video, Josh. Guess I’m going to have to upgrade sooner than I thought, and I’ll be back to see what further instruction you have.

  6. Mark Hewitt 15 years ago


    I have a question? I want to use a green screen in a set but not sure the best way to make the object move while panning the camera. For example, if I make a fake window with my green screen how can I make footage in the window change as the camera changes? Is Motion 3 a solution for this or how can it be done?


  7. Rick 15 years ago

    Amazingly BAD motion tracking! Can’t belive it gets lost so easily. Goes to a highlight on the girl’s arm instead of a blazing white light? After Effects does this waaay better. I’m totally surprised at Apple’s incompetence here. Motion is great.. but Motion Tracking really sucks.

  8. Ron 15 years ago

    If you are not satisfied with the tracking and own a copoy pfhoe you might get a better automatic track than you get in motion. pfhoe now supports the export of motion tracking data for import

    here the email Ireceivedinto motion 3


    We are pleased to announce support for Apple’s Motion 3.0 within PFHoe™ and PFHoePro™. PFHoe/Pro offers tremendous amounts of power via a very simple, intuitive interface. A series of Wizards guide users through importing, setting up footage and extracting 3D camera information. By explaining the parameters that need to be set in order to successfully track a shot, the ‘one click’ tool set provides an environment that will deliver great results to even the most inexperienced user. Already a popular application for consumers and professionals alike, PFHoe’s support for Motion 3.0’s new 3D environment further improves the suitability of this product for its wide range of customers.

    PFHoe 2.1 is available from http://www.pfhoe.com as a Universal binary for £49, with PFHoePro available for £99. Existing 2.0 users can download a free export plug-in.

  9. Lynn 15 years ago

    Hi –

    Thanks so much for this great tutorial. We are trying it out ourselves, but one thing isn’t happening the same way it does in your tutorial. When we analyze the motion, the crosshairs follow along but the keyframe path does not appear. Can you tell us if maybe we have to change a setting or something?


  10. Josh 15 years ago

    You can enable/disable overlays with Cmd /

  11. Mike F 15 years ago

    Why didn’t motion 3 just go the whole way and give us 3D graphic animation like 3D studio, but with the easier motion interface? It’s nearly there now and surely it will be in motion 4… reckon they’re holding back to have something to sell next time! I’ve also found a few glitches in my motion 3 upgrade, sometimes the animation key doesn’t set keyframes when you move position and the ‘nudge’ (apple arrow keys) doesn’t move position like it did before. Also I can’t export anything on the new soundtrack! Anyone else find anything wrong with their upgrades?

  12. Andy 14 years ago

    I think the problem the tracking analysis was having with trying to the distinguish between the light and the glare in the woman’s hair was a result of having a large track size parameter. That is, the image in the tracker preview window should have been adjusted to frame the light image tightly. The sample that was selected contained a light area surrounded by dark blue and that is what was targeted in the analysis. Hence the when the light passed over the body it was no longer framed in blue so the hair glare, which was framed in blue, seemed a better match.

    To adjust the track size parameter, untwist the triangle next to “track one” and use the “track size” slider to zoom in on the light for a tight framing. All the information in the “tracker preview window” will be considered in the analysis. Just because you have centered the crosshairs in the middle of a light, you shouldn’t expect the tracker to know that you want to follow a light.

    Anyway thanks for the tutorial – I enjoyed it otherwise.

  13. Josh 14 years ago

    I never seen the motion tracking in Motion. Hey, motion tracking really fits in with the name. 😀
    I’ll check this out tomorrow.

    The girl is barefooted

    The girl looks like a weirdo when moving that light thing around.

  14. Matt 13 years ago

    Is the tracker in Motion 3 the same in Motion 4? Does this tutorial apply?

  15. Josh 12 years ago

    There is an RSS widget in the upper right.

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