What is the most important factor in producing world class quality video?

What is the most important factor in producing world class quality video?

In a word: lighting.

The DV Enlightenment DVD is an illuminating lighting course from DVcreators.net on DVD for anyone wanting to shoot stunningly beautiful, cinematic quality footage – for filmmaking, marketing projects, broadcast, special interest video, education or any other purpose.

DV Enlightenment covers:

  • Light Properties – understanding light and shadow – hard & soft light – color temperature – light direction – motivated lighting
  • Lighting Gear – soft boxes – umbrellas – gels – reflectors – flags – black wrap – cookies
  • The DVcreators.net Four Point Lighting Method – A brilliant, comprehensive lighting method for getting gorgeous looking footage in any location for any mood – key light options – fill & ambient light – lighting ratio – backlight, rimlight & kickers – background lighting – high key & low key lighting
  • Working with Sunlight – the Hollywood secret to shooting beautiful footage outdoors – positioning camera, subject & sun – shooting interiors with daylight – diffusers – magic hour
  • Lighting Greenscreen – top secret DVcreators.net method for evenly lighting chromakey backgrounds
  • White Limbo – evenly lighting white backgrounds and a secret keying technique
  • Black Limbo – how to "drop out" a dark background
  • Bright Ideas – a series of illuminating tips and tricks for getting cinematic looks in a variety of situations – lighting special effects – using practicals – accent lighting – candlelight – TV & computer light – the killer single light technique – fog


Click here for more information and the watch the demo movies!



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